Monday, July 13, 2009

after SPM,






haha, after reading syasya's blog, i felt freaking excited about our planns, ahh! cant wait lah babe. like seriously, we'll go pinjam load or work our a*ses off smpai dapat beli studio :D i love number two too. its like we can lompat lompat and sing the 'lompat si katak lompat' song. haha. lompat ramai-ramai :D ahah, i better stop crapping. OMG! i rasa high gila. syasya, semua salah you :p can u imagine, me, syasya, and the rest of the festari gang working dalam our very own studio. awesome lah! then we'll be like organizing concerts and who knows, one day, our *students* will be performing for events yang besar-besar in malaysia. haha *berangan* Xp oh well, you'll never know, us festarians can do alot you know? kan sya? :D about the parents, i dont think they'll mind lah kot since its like an additional job je. we'll be working or studying or whatever we'll be doing nanti. its just like earning extra pocket money. we need more people to recognize the art of traditional. so, its like a 50% 50% thing. they get to learn traditional, we'll get to have some fun (: haha. so, syasya, im not letting you forget about ths and i'll make sure you wont forget! we'll see who has shorter memory XD ingat tau, this is OUR plan and no one can stop us. still, we have to think of a better name for our studio. haha. these were the names we came up traditari , tarilayu , festari tarian melayu , FTM. sounds funny kan? haha. anyhow, i had fun chatting with syasya, we should do that more often (: haha. i cant imagine if depan2 we bincang together. sure we'll be laughing our a*ses off. nothing will be done :p oh well, till then.....

oh my god!

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