Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Class Teacher

another day at school. same old same old. boring. haha :D now, 2nd period till like 4pm, i was in the art room, drawing non stop. i was singing the whole time and i think i annoyed some ppl. oh well, aliza kan, sapa tak kenal? haha XD it was fun la. skipping classes. drawing instead of learning add maths, physics, maths and etc. science classes are no fun. alot of facts which i hate so much. memorize memorize memorize till you get a headache. ugh! -.-

okay, so while i was away from class, our class teacher was like, bising2 about the petition our class did. i mean like, we have our rights to complain to the penolong kanan. we just find that he's cheating on us. ahh, carnival, he couldnt be bothered on what we were doing. the coupons? teachers were suppose to sell 20 to other ppl and the pengetua strictly said, 'no asking the students to sell for teachers'. and guess what? he told us that was our class coupons that we need to sell. so yeah, we dont mind selling, but we received only 18 coupons, so we gave him RM180 which he taught wasnt enough. he was accusing us lah weyh! RM20? its alot to some ppl. at least belaja la RM20 je pun. you're not married, you're not supporting anyone other than yourself. and you didnt contribute anything for our class. RM20 je laa. aduhh, we dont mind paying, but the way he says it is as if we are really bad ppl. as if we were the ones who stole it when you only gave us 18 booklets -.- . he got scolded by the penolong kanan, then he was like, 'i find myself not at fault', 'you guys tikam belakang me', 'you all are sinfull, i've never done any sin for my whole life' *yeah right*, 'you all are stupid'. stupid? yeah, okayy, you think you're so smart. we're sooo gonna be sucessfull. and we're not following your philosophy! teachers asked him 'why are'nt you married' he was like 'why should i feed another persons daughter?' okayy, dah la. go live in your big bungalow all alone.

mood: ugh! whats your problem?

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