Tuesday, July 14, 2009

De Ja Vu

im at my dad's office now. he has this gigantic room and far way better than my mums room. includes refrigerator, television, computer, laptop, FOOD, and obviously paper, everywhere you go, ahhh. papers! haha. okay okay. now, the main thing. why am i at my dad's office? am i supposed to be in school. yes, i was in school. i felt sick during the 4th period, so yik loong took care of me and told me to go rest in the PBSM room. so yeah, he brought me to see puan tan for permission, but puan tan was like, oh no no no. u shouldn't be in school. u better call your parents and go home now. ahh! rugi je datang. i called my dad at 9.30am, my dad picked me up at 10.30am , and here i am at my dad's office. i cant explain how huge it is compared to my mum's office. im hungry now and i don't dare to go to the cafeteria cause im sure that i wont find my way back to my dad's room :S haha. since there's nothing to do here, i'll be blogging, alone (: oh well, my dad is having his meeting now, and the meeting will end at around 2.30pm? so, i'll start doing something fun like, i dont know? explore my dad's office? go kenal kenal the workers here? i dont think so. nnti sesat, habiss! (: ohh, theres a phone in my dad's room! haha. PRANK CALLS. haha. im so gonna be in big trouble if my dad finds out. no no no. i'll just sit here, quietly and become an angel for my daddy. he might buy me something nice ;D so people, pray to god that i'll get better soon, like ASAP kalau boleh. cant wait to be back to normal again. oh and, yik loong, thanks for being such a nice friend (:

oh hanis, thankyou for the comel cupcake. u bagi cake salah masa. kan dah kena marah :D


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