Sunday, July 5, 2009

taman aman

It was a sunday morning,

haha, nazrain, muncul out of nowhere :D

after jogging for an hour macam tu, we went to bagsar to makan breakfast.dekat this Restoran Berjaya. it wasnt that bad.
their dishes has that asli kampung taste, yumm :)

next, explored the shops at bangsar. all their small outlets.
my mum spend like more that RM900 from people's
i was like OMG :O

then we had lunch at this indian mamak stall. overflow kot kedai tu.
very nice :D

then, we went back at around 3.30pm.

and now im bored and im hungry all over again. haha. masak maggi :P

i know this was lame, but oh well, thanks for reading :D

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