Sunday, July 12, 2009

Concert 2009

Venue: Civic Centre Auditorium, Petaling Jaya.
Date: Saturday 11th July 2009
Time: 8.00pm - 10.00pm

organized by the Federal Academy of Ballet and it was for a charity cause.

my mum bought like 15 tickets and then had another 11 tickets empty. D: was dying thinking of who to invite. per ticket was like RM80 *according to my mum. but then, on the ticket it was printed out RM10. its either my mum booked early, or the person yang jual lied, or it was printed out wrongly, or maybe my mum just purposely wanted to pay RM80? haha. idk, so dont ask me :) anyhow, thankyou guys for like coming :D i love you guys lahh <3

Oh and, kat sana, i met fifi, then i saw kartika and saidah, and first ever time nampak dian face to face. haha. dian was like, 'hey, you're the one yang baru kenal and said i love you to me" haha :p

During the 15 minutes interval ;D

then, Celine Lee was famous lah kat sana. when she appeared on stage, hazim started screaming her name out loud followed by the sri amanians. he was like the only one screaming like no ones there. at that moment, me and fai were like "if the guard datang and ask who is he, i akan cakap i dont know him". haha.

err, lets see,
azhary, baby, lynn, rizal, comel, hazim, hanis, fai,ainah, fatin, azie. ahha.
thats everyone la kot? :)

the ladies *kening kening* haha

BFFL <3 ; azhary was busy body'ing.

Then we felt hungry, so my mum brought everyone to KFC before they all balik. azie, ainah, fatin and lynn followed me and my mum. and the guys, hanis went with azhary's bike, and rizal on his bike.

was seriously hungry! hungry till azie was like waving to this person in one of the cars lining up to take away kfc, mistaking them as one of my sri amanian friend. ahah, azie azie. LOL

fatin went back early, so here are the leftovers. *hanis missing
it was midnight when everyone habis makan. one word.

after eating, we said our bye byes. since ainahs brother wasnt there to pick her up yet, my mum told her to tag along then she'll send ainah back to kfc when her brother arrives. then my mum would be talking about better safe than sorry thing in the car. my mum sent azie back to her house near pantai dalam and then went back to kfc and waited for ainahs brother to reach.

so yeah, thats that, i reached home around 1am, and i dozed off.

oh oh btw, hazim and fai duduk next to me :) fai was next to me the whole time, hazim went to the toilet then hanis sat next to me. fai survived! congrats :D haahhaha

thank you for reading :)

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