Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sports Carnival

so, today was sports carnival, awesome lah.i was in the net ball team representing rumah laksamana. hahaha :D

before everything started, the tarian group together with our special guess, abg k-own, we macam rasmikan the event with aerobics. haha. not any ordinary one, its a combination of traditional malay, chinese, indian, sabah and sarawak dance steps. so its more to traditional aerobics. the way other people that followed did, funny lah. i saw andrew doing the sewang step, aww, cute :D

ok, now the curriculum part. can you imagine? our team only had five ppl in it. and each team kena ada at least seven actually. lagi-lagi kan, im holding center. first ever time, CENTER. haha. 1st round lawan green house, and they had 7 ppl kot, scared me *almost to death* :) so, we tried our best dengan bak kata diyana, we are the lima burung perkasa. whatever that means. all i know its something that i had to believe in. since im holding as center,i had to block atiqah. center and atiqah was scary, she's good for a small sized. running here and there. so, we played our game and actually won. 4-2. it was a tough match. we were lucky. 2nd round was against yellow house. yellow house had the same problem. five people je in their team. so it was a fair match. we won this too. 12-0. haha. nadhirah, sorry if i was too rough. just missed playing net ball. the last time i played like this was when i was in standart 5? gila ganas nak mati. haha. oh well,

1st, rumah merah
2nd, rumah kuning
3rd, rumah hijau

btw, i played too ganas sampai my seluar koyak. haha. my knee hurts now.
while playing i was sliding like ala' MJ. haha.

congratulations to everyone :)

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