Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yazmin's Party

so, went to one utama today. arrived around 2pm? saw nazrain. tagged along dengan azhary, rizal and hanis. then ate lunch, main arcade while waiting for birthday girl to arrive.

see ze picture. thats the birthday girl. comel kann? :)

naz, thanks for the birthday treat :)

them, being gedik'ish :D

the waffle nazrain belanja.
rizal, you owe me big time for stealing half of it

i look weird tapi cun. haha *prasan moment*

hanis fat fat
*hanis, jngn marah, at least i jujur :p

credit to hanis, walaupun buruk XD

from left, yaz, naz, rizal, ary, daniel and me (:

photo taken by; nazrain

it was freakishly high, adrenaline naik.

going up

up lagi, me and iis :)

we're on top of the world bbyh :D


rizal the mamat gila, lynn the china doll, aliza the monkey :D

happy moment :)

oh yeah, while wondering one utama, we bumped into rahman and dee.
you both sama je kan? never bothered to tell me.
the moment i saw you two, i was like OMG!

i loike this picture :)

the happy couple. so comel
dinner was at italianese.

i had to go back early, it was already 9pm.
i missed the birthday cake. Noooooooooo!

best outing ever lah! thanks to Yazmin. Yaz, you so rock lah. schools so going to be different without you around. i miss you already D: i dont care, one day we must see each other again, worst to the worst pun, i'll sibuk sibuk when you keluar with azhary. hhaha :)

to yazmin: your birthday present is still with me. i'll pass it to you nnti :) and thankyou for everything. anyone would be so lucky to have a mother like yours. generous gila ok? i love your mum. haha. i love you too yaz. and for the berapa kali time dah,

i love you min min XD


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