Friday, July 10, 2009

Open Day

today was open day. ahh. i failed 2 subjects, the two subject i hate the most, biology and history. haha. oh well, the teacher was like 'she's very good in class', 'listens to teachers', 'one of the top students', 4th in class! yeay. but, i still need to improve on my weaker subjects. from today onwards, i promise myself that i'll work harder and score for my next monthly test :D oh yeah baby! :p haha. my mum was like the 2nd parent yang masuk and ambil the results. lucky overall i was good. adab pun nothing below 8, kecuali from my Bahasa teacher. she gave me a 6. -.- i was good ok in class. nahh, maybe she hates me. oh well :D so, it was 8.30am, ate breakfast with my mum and went to her office. ahh! i was practically dying there. bosan gila. so i studied biology. 5 pages. -.- at least its better than nothing :)

got bored of studying biology :D

my nightmare

since the teacher said nothing bad about me, my mum bought me a pair of crocs :D haha.

thankyou mummy <3

mood : happy

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