Monday, July 27, 2009


today, school was fun, assembly, Biology test, Bahasa test, then recess. rizal and azhary, teasing me. tsk tsk. tak habis habis. chemistry, helped Mr. Thanabalan with Peka files. secretary work lagi -.- cried in class after chemistry. bodoh betul. a lot of ppl actually cared for me ok? chon giap, jane, chi cheng, sin yee, pravina, yik loong, nazrain, nicky and etc. you know who you guys are. i love you people lah :) and as for you pulak, small words have very strong meanings. i have feelings too ok? so, please shut up bila i suruh. i have my limitations. then had agama. ended school with addmaths. bla bla bla. nicky walked me to the front gate, sweet of him to. he was like , 'marry me aliza you'll never have to be alone, i love you and thats all i really know, i talked to... Elias? eh, Fatin la. eheh' haha. nicky nicky. pravina was there too. she was calming me down.

pravina: alizaa, why were you crying?
aliza: nothing la.
nicky: dont cry aliza, im here for you *with his cheeky face*
pravina: im here too la. nicky no need.
nicky: ah, you la no need
pravina: haha, aliza, just dont cry ok, i love you *hugged me*
aliza: haha, aww, i love you too.

so yeah, thats that. wahh, first time ever crying in school this year.

ps: nazrain, thanks for the chocolate muffins and cadbury :) i'll ask daniel to eat one for me first, just to be sure there's no love potion inside. i dont want to end up like harry potters best friend. haha. jkjk.

thas all for now. till then.....

mood: emotional sikit

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