Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Me!


yes yes, today is my seventeenth birthday, how awesome is that? awesome nak mati :D now, lets see, the first person who wished me, sapa ah? ok la, lets talk about the people who wished me 1 day earlier. rizal just popped out of no where and wished me happy birthday during recess. haha. how sweet. then followed by chi kent and lynn :) aww, i love you guys :D


29th july ; 11pm onwards ;

sin yee 11:56:50pm Happy birthday aliza :)

30th july ;12am onwards ;
Diyanna 12:00:40am
Happy Birthday Sara Syg C: may Allah bless u on your special day
Ximmy 12:01:08am
Happy birthday aliza sara bt elias! U dah tua haha :p
Nazrain 12:03:41am
Finally the clock strikes 12! HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYY! *this was long ok?*
Jason A. 12:46.44pm Dunno if you will read this but happy birthday, dear :)
Nini 06:14:41am And i pun nk wish kt u happy birthday..
Afiq 07:02:45am Its finaly here, Happy b'day!!! Your 17!!!
Aunty Lenja 07:23:55am A year wiser with special LOVE, beauty and joy.
Taylors 09:00:45am A year older, a year wiser. Happy 17th birthday aliza sara.
Faiz 02:42:03pm U..buhsan nye~ epy bufday 4 2nd times! =)
Nazrain 02:45:28pm idk why bt felt like wishing u again.... happy birthday ;)
Chi Kent 03:19:11pm haha. Happy happy happy birthday. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Haha.
Dbah 07:16:16pm Sara! hepi b'day darling! stay as sweet as you are okay, imy badly!
Yazmin 09:05:40pm Hey! Happy Birthday! Hope u had fun today despite having 'tests' on ur bday.. wish hanis for me :)
Afiq 09:06:11pm Happy b'day
Zakiah 09:11:34pm Babe!! epi birthday!! Sweet 17teen ehh! wish u healthy all da way.

31st july ;12am onwards ;
Ina 12:00:53am ma love liza epy besday sygs shwit seventing smgepnjng umur n dmrhkn rzeki.
Ashman 02:51:50am Happy bday woi.

all the above are the exact text msg they've sent to me :D

the ones who bothered to call :)

Nazrain, sorry i cant stay up late D:
Rusyuddin, aww, thankyou for the present, its from johor doh :D
Hazim, youre super sweet :)
Alvin, sorry
Hanis, call lambat!
Inik ; grand ma, love you inik :)
Daddy, we stay under one roof -.-
Alexandrea, my phone died :p

In school,
it was scary ok. eggs and tepung. i dont think i wanna smell like eggs and tepung? haha. lucky i didnt get hit by anyone. hanis hampir kena bonggol. haha. padan muka! :D

the class mates who wished me,
sin yee,
Keh hann,
sze yang,
yik loong,
chi cheng,
Soung Jing,
Chong Giap,
ahh, almost everyone of them lahh. i love you people :)

the form fives,
ariff fikri,
yen peng,
wye hong,
nurul nur zakiah,
chi kent,
and whoever lahh, nooo! i have short term memory! d:

form juniors,
jiunn jie,
choo hong a.k.a the monster,
yazmin, she was sweet on her blog :) <3 ____________________________________________________________________

The presents,
fatin, a cute photo frame and a birthday card which i had to share with hanis
chong giap, a customized rock.
hanis, a tinny winny guitar.
chery and karis, this cute phone strap :)
yik loong, he gave me a birthday cake as my present.
sayang, necklace, i tau you beli on the day itself. haha. wild guess
zakiah, a teddy bear and Ralph perfume, aww
mummy and daddy, a new hand phone. the latest express music model!<3

syahirah and the penyeduk (haha betul kan the spelling?)
ashwin's dead meat :p

the ponteng group.

first time ever being caught for skipping classes, on MY BIRTDHAY. haha. how cool is that? haha, lame! i dah tau sangat, SHUT UP :)

nahh, basically, we were suppose to go for some ceramah in dewan kuliah, but we preferred to study sejarah in class. so macam suka hati :D puan maha was furious doh, lucky she was nice enough to let us off the hook. nahh, im too nice to be doing bad things XD so, ponteng tak da niat jahat. in a way, tak ponteng. i would like it to be refered as studying when teachers aren't teaching. haha. idc! its my birthday, my rules :p

makan makan makan with my 'aunty' haha. actually, alvin was suppose to belanja me starbucks. but tahh. i would rather hangout with my aunty first :D haha iloveyouaunty! :p aww, you know who you are? shut up :) so, we ate kopitiam then sushi. ya allah. we ate only like 6 plates of sushi but duduk sana macam rumah sendiri. hhaha *remember, its my birthday, i can do whatever i want* :p the workers there were like staring at us like, like, well, i dont know. its just that particular stare. whatever laa :D but overall it was fun. naik teksi alone, first time EVER. gila macam jakun. haha. pluss, the teksi driver was like practically flirting with me. eww! reached home around 6.45pm? same time as daniel. then my parents suprized me by singing happy birthday when i opened the main house door. aww, how sweet. then opened the presents, dapat lah new hand phone :) i feel like screaming! ahhhhhhh! ahah. still the lovey dovey moment was awesome ;D i love youu.

at night my parents brought me out to bubba gump, shrimp & co. it was fun too. my mum told the workers there that it was my birthday, and yeah, their tradition was that I had to Stand on the chair and do stuff they want me to do. i was like OMG OMG OMG! haha. gedik moment sekejap. so yeah, after the meal, i was freking full as if my stomach was going to explode. they came to our table and sang happy birthday. they were like 'its your birthday birthday, its your bithday birthday, here is your birthday cake, but if if you want your birthday cake, let us see your booty shake, shake shake that booty shake shake, shake that booty shake shake'. haha. people were staring ok? *blushing* haha. so yeah, was kinda being a diva standing on the chair :)
then we masuk the curve for a while and there we saw nicole david playing squash :D went back around 11am and now im sleepy. good night world :D

BTW, Happy birthday to
Amira Masri,
Julie Lee,
and Muhammad Hanis too.
we share the same birthday people :)

mood: happy happy happy!

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