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MooGoo’s Baby Skincare | My Newborns choice

Reviewing MooGoo's Baby Skincare
Hi everyone, today i’ll be sharing with you about a trusted skincare brand that im currently using for my newborn. Being a new mother, i have tons of concerns on what gets in contact with my baby’s skin. Especially when a babys skin is very soft, sensitive and fragile, its always best to minimise on the exposure to preservatives and harshful chemicals cause you’ll never know what kind of chemicals that may cause your baby to have reactions. When choosing a more natural baby skincare option, i considered MooGoo to be in my top list of products that are natural and safe for my baby to use. Thus also giving me a reason to do a review on a few of their products to share my thoughts on their products.

MooGoo's Natural Scalp Cream
Imagine falky scalp, and this is the results after using the cream for about 2 days with 3 times daily application
The main reason why i decided to give MooGoo a go is because my baby had crade cap symtoms around her scalp and her eyebrows, and my main goal was to calm down the dryness of her skin which lead me to a product from MooGoo, offering the Natural Scalp Cream formulated to relief dry skin. This was a savior and you have my word for it. The minute i applied this around her dry skin areas, the results were almost instant! After a few applications of this cream, the appearance of dry skin was gone within the same day! The texture of it was rather creamy, and it may look a little heavy when applying around the scalp. But after leaving it to dry, it actually becomes very light that my baby's hair was loose again (doesnt look like its wet). I ocassionally use this on my baby's face too, and it works like a charm in moisturizing her skin.

MooGoo Natural Skin Milk Udder Cream
Baby was experiencing dry wrist due to growth spurt, but as you can see, the results are pretty instant!
Another product that i would recommend you to have would be the MooGoo Natural Skin Milk Udder Cream. I believe this would be their original natural repair moisturiser and i can pretty much see why. It doesnt smell that amazing, but it works like magic on skin! I actually applied this on my baby when she had some scratch marks around her arm area and after about 2 days of applying it, the scratch marks vanished! Other than being very gentle on my baby's skin, it also does an amazing job in ensuring that her skin is well moisturized. I secretly use this for myself as well, and i can say that i love how well it gives me smoother elbows since that particular part is usually dry most of the time.

MooGoo's Natural Nappy Balm
From the day i started using this around her folds, i've never experienced any rashes situations on my baby
When it comes to diaper change time, i have never fail to apply the MooGoo's Natural Nappy Balm around the folded areas for my baby. My baby has not experienced any nappy rashes throughout the period when i started using the Natural Nappy Balm and i must say that im pretty impressed by the way it prevent rashes. The texture was on a more greasy side, but i guess thats what keeps the moisture away. With this barrier cream, it soothes the folds with zinc to provide protection around the skin, while piroctone Olamine, an anti-yeast ingredients keeps any skin irritation under control. Did you know that its also its a class 1 medical cream as well?

MooGoo's Natural Mini Moo Bubbly Wash
Thte texture is very gentle and it washes away dirt from my baby pretty well
Now, as much as bathing time is like an extra chore to some parents, i really enjoy bathing my baby, especially when shes usually happy in the bath tub. I actually use the MooGoo Natural Mini Moo Bubbly Wash on alternate days and my baby seems to enjoys it a lot! Im a true believer that water doesnt remove much dirt from babies, which lead me to focus more on looking for a natural bath wash that is gentle enough for the little one. This is made out of a combination of coconut and glucose based clenasers and its free from harsh synthetic detergents (SLS). This can be used as a bubble bath or you can also apply it directly onto baby's skin and even use it as shampoo! Im a sucker for soaps that are multipurpose, as they simplify my time and energy, giving me the chance to provide my baby with all the attention that she needs.

MooGoo's Natural Mudder Udder Balm (I bring this everywhere with me now)
And the last product that i'll be sharing with you in this post would be MooGoo's Mudder Udder Balm, formulated for breast-feeding mums. YAY! Being a breastfeeding mum, i pretty much experience dryness around the aerola area, and that can be a little painful at times when it starts to crack. Most products offer products that is formulated with lanolin, but im so surprised to find that the Mudder Udder Balm is made out of edible and soothing oils that are combined with calming and conditioning ingredients, instead of the typical lanolin option. I personally think that this really does wonders to dry skin around the aerola area in keeping it well moisturised (bye bye dry flaky skin), and another relief to all breast feeding mom's, you dont have to remove the balm prior to feeding, giving you an ease of mind.

There's expiry dates on the packaging, so that you only use it when its at optimum quality
Some texture swatches so that you can roughly see the consistency
After a week of applying the MooGoo Natural Skin Milk Udder Cream on my baby's wrist
Being all natural, the shelf life may not last as long as other products,but you wont have to worry as each product has an expiry date labeled on the bottle. Other than that, to retain its freshness, each tube of cream is sealed with aluminium which helps to keep the content fresh before you use it for your baby. I also love the minimal look of it that it actually looks neat and clean when you arrange it on a shelf in your nursery.

I can gurantee that its safe for newborns cause i had no problem with these lovely products when my baby was at 2 months
Overall, i would have to say that MooGoo has definitely gained my trust as a new mother and i would recommended these products as a start if you ever want to be ready to welcome the baby. I started using MooGoo when my baby was just reaching 2 months, and boy, i love that i dont have to worry about my baby's skincare as MooGoo has got me and my little one covered. Both the creams, Natural Scalp Cream and the Natural Skin Millk Udder Cream is a must have if your baby is fresh from the oven. Being a new parent has its challengest in understanding products that are suitable for your baby, and im glad that MooGoo is my choice for my little Mikayla.

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  1. Good that you have found the right product for your baby’s delicate skin. Say Moooo! Hahaa

  2. kalau ada produk begini, kita pun tak takut nak gunakan pada baby..

  3. Wah.. Menarik.. Boleh AM sarankan pada sepupu am yg baru bersalin.. Dia mmg dok cari barangan yg selamat utk digunakan pada bayi..

  4. Macam dah baca je entri ni... ha betul komen kak fas dah ada atas haha

  5. We should always be careful with products to use for our little ones but so glad you found the suitable one for your baby :)

  6. Yay!!!!!! Moo goo is one of the best skin care product. Aveeno pun best juga. Australian punya skin product byk yg bagus2.

  7. Moogoo product is really good for delicate skin

    For me,i suffered from eczema. T
    Moogoo wash really helps to store the moisture to my skin make it less dry n no more itching

  8. This balm also use to give the baby easy to sleep right? Use to get traiditinal balm. This one look nice also

  9. kalu baby ada masalah kulit sensetif boleh guna tak? baru plan nak bagi hadiah untuk anak buah yang baru lahir

  10. Produk baby ni kalau nak guna kena lbh hati2 . Ya laa kulit baby lagi sensitif dr kulit org dewasa. Bila dapat tau MooGoo ni sesuai utk baby dan trusted ok la takde la risau sangat bila gunakan kat baby.

  11. baby pun dah ada skincare sekarang ni yer.. best

  12. Pertama kali tahu tentang jenama nih! moogoo lepas nih boleh rekemen pada family yang ada baby kecil nama tau serasi dengan produk ni

  13. Hai baby :). Bagusnya baby di manja dan dibelai dengan produk yang bagus macam ni. Beruntung sangat baby dapat ibu yg memahami keperluan baby yg selamat

  14. Wah sekarang akan mula join club parenting. Okla dah asa review dr Sara tntang produk ni buat mommy di luar sana.

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  16. Comelnya mikayla ni, bagi kerjasama ye mommy nak tangkap gambar dia hehe. Btw i guess this brand is good for sensitive skin too, is it?

  17. I used to use Moogoo for my kids when they were younger, really help me with ease my mine knowing the ingredients are safe for them.

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  19. I paling risau nak pakai any product to my baby untill i prove it good for her, i will try this and thank you for recemondation