Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Jae Ko Designs | Stylist Diaper Bag

Ever since i had a baby, i must say that my choice of clothings has changed to suit to something a little easier and comfortable when im outdoors with my baby, which practically means, no high collar shirts, no sequins, no fancy play of material, and always sticking to plain cotton to ensure that my baby is comfortable when i hold her. And with this, im pretty glad that i discovered Jae Ko Designs which offers a stylist diaper bag to keep you in trend and organised as a mom instead of looking like a mess.

Living in this modern era, i believe that we can change the typical apperance of a tired mom into a trendy mom, since the industry offers tons of variety in keeping a young modern mom looking fresh and fashionable despite the sleepless nights. Hehe. Jae Ko Designs offers one of the most trendiest diaper bags that i've seen in the market, and whats even better? You can customise the bag with your initials to make it look more exclusive. Since im a sucker for customise goods, i just had to get one for myself, and honey, i have no regrets!

Each order of the Jae Ko Designs, it will be posted to you in a Jae Ko box giving you an exclusive feel to it even before you open the box. Its nicely wrapped and each order comes with a stroller strap, sling strap and a binky pod. Also, not to forget that they also offer a good cause as with every purchase, a portion of profit goes to 'Pusat Jagaan NURI' which means that you'll be also supporting them for a good cause too!

Other than looking trendy, this bag is so ideal and i love the fact that it comes with minimal zips making it convenient and struggle free. After using this bag for about a week now during my outings, i find that this bag has done justice as even the tiniest details, such as the zipping quality is superb! I had no problems getting stuff in and out from the bag quickly, especially when i need to be quick when the baby surprises me with sudden spit ups.

The main focus of the diaper bag would be the main compartment, whcih i find it to be the highlight! I was so surprised to find the compartments of the bag to be very spacious and handy. There are overall 6 pocket compartments and 1 zip compartment in the bag, and this works really great for me to store my wipes, extra baby clothes, Diapers, bottle's and other necessaties, to keep everything organized. This reduces my stressfull time of looking for a specific item in the bag, and i am obssesed with the idea of the bag allowing me to keep everything looking neat.

Other than that, it also looks great when im out, which means i wont need to bring 2 bags at once since its multipurpose and it works as both a diaper bag and a handbag where i can keep my personal items such as my cards, phones and purse. Yep, it has enough compartments to even store my personal stuff too! Since i like to go out independantly, i must say that this is my go to bag on any day cause i can be really quick and pack everything within less than 2 minutes thanks to its spacious compartments. (Bye bye to squeezing things in!)

Another benefit that this bag has, would be that it can be carried in 3 different ways! You can carry it as a backpack, sling it over your shoulder or even as hand carry making it an ideal travelling bag too. Trust me, this is all you need to cope with your daily explorations with a baby in hand while keeping yourself looking trendy and fashionable. Being made out of spill proof fabric, its wipable making it easy if you have clumsy accidents when youre out.

Each Jae Ko Designs diaper bag is priced at RM299 which includes all the accessories any mom would need. Designed to understand a mother's need and also provide you multiples bag space for you to bring your baby's stuff too. With Jae Ko's diaper bag, i would have to say that motherhood never looked so good. It may be on a slight pricier side, but i would have to say that the quality matches the pricing. Great quality, functional, spacious, trendy and water resistant. What more would you ask for from a diaper bag?

Jae Ko Designs

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