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Health Talk | Permanent Solution for Obesity

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Hey guys! Being health conscious about my lifestyle, I’d always like to share new information that I find from talks that I attend to help everyone else live a healthier happier life. I’m not saying being Obese makes you unhappy, but the causes of it may be crucial especially when it affects your health in the long run. So its always better to be aware about it sooner than to regret about it later. Just to name a few diseases that obesity may bring to you are commonly giving you high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, osteoarthritis and more! Scary! Did you also know that currently there are 44.3% of Malaysians who are diagnosed as obese and 1/3 of the worlds population is in the same category? 

Okay, so being a blogger, I’m often approached with supplements and products as an alternative to sort of solve this Obesity issue, but if you ask me, I’d like to usually stick to exercising no matter what cause I believe that the body needs to keep up with a healthier lifestyle and with that, there’s no actual short cut to losing weight. Its also understandable that to some, you may need an extra boost of energy or to re-adjust to a new lifestyle and some accredited supplements may compliment your new goals in losing weight. An individual will be considered obese when their body mass index (BMI) reaches 30 and above. 

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In this modern era in Malaysia, excessive intake of food, lack of exercise and hormone imbalance are the few factors of Obesity. Going into serious matters, if you’re suffering with excessive fat in your body, this is what you need to know. Going on diet by not eating would not help you lose your weight in a healthy way, thus if youre looking for an alternative, Bariatric is an option that gives you results. Now, since i attended a health talk organized by Medi Excell Sdn Bhd, let me share with you on one of the safest and most popular weight loss methods, namely Bariatric Surgery that helps those who are overweight to achieve their ideal weight. 


During the talk, I was introduced to Dr. Mustafa who is a specialist for Bariatric Surgery. What is Bariatric? Well, Bariatric is a minimally invasive surgery that goes through a process that reduces the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through the removal of a portion of the stomach or by resection and re-routing the small intestine to a small stomach pouch. When you’re already big, your body naturally re-adjust to cater to bigger portions of food consumption when in fact, you don’t need to consume as much to live a healthy balanced diet lifestyle thus by making your stomach smaller would help you readjust to proper portion intakes naturally.

Some criteria will be taken into account in order to qualify for an obese patient to undergo bariatric surgery and patients would also need to seek for consultancy from an accredited bariatric specialist before surgery can be performed. According to the testimonials that were shared during the health talk, I noticed that there were tons of people who actually went through the Bariatric procedure and has seen positive results out of it. If you’re facing minor obesity, there’s always a chance to naturally lose the unnecessary weight by controlling your portion intake and of course thorough exercising, but if you’re looking for a surgical approach to lose a big amount of weight with sustainable results, please see Dr. Mustafa for reliable advice.

Present during the talk, we had Rahim Sepatu, a popular comedian in Malaysia who shared his experience going through the procedure and to our surprise, he really lost tons of weight! 31KG's to be exact within the past few months. I've seen him on TV before and now seeing him in person, i was pretty impressed that he looks so much healthier and energetic. He shared to attendees that he was worried about his health and started seeking for solutions that were more permanent to help him improve his health condition in order to live a longer healthier life for his family. And that was when he found Dr. Mustafa and his whole life changed!

The surgical operation on Rahim took Dr Mustafa about an hour, and the recovery period was almost instant! As scary as the word surgery sounds, Rahim shared that when the operation was done, there was no signs of the cut that Dr Mustafa did on his body as it surgical area was only a small part of the body that leaves an unnoticeable mark. Even Rahim admitted that it took him a while to find the stitching on his body since it was done very neatly. From not being able to run on the football field, Rahim now is proud enough to share that he can now run and score on the football field without feeling as tired as he usually would before the surgery.

With Dr Mustafa
If you’re interested in Dr Mustafa's services, i also had a short Q&A session with him and I found that he has over 6 years of experience in Bariatric and has covered about 1000 Bariatric surgical operations within the past few years making him very experienced in what he does. So, if you’re looking for a surgeon who specialises in Bariatric surgeries, Dr Mustafa can be contacted through his Instagram below and he will give you advice on whether if you need the surgery or not. He has definitely gained my trust and i hope with this blog post you found it helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment below, or contact Dr Mustafa directly if you may have any questions or concerns that needs to be answered.

Attending a health talk on Bariatric procedures
For those suffering from obesity and need consultation and assistance, please call Mrs Rafeah at 016-2330678. Alternatively, if you want to get close with Dr Mustafa via social media, please feel free to follow his Instagram account for the latest information on obesity and bariatric surgery. 

Dr Mustafa Mohammed Taher 

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