Friday, November 8, 2019

International Babywearing Week 2019 @ Jaya One

Today i would like to share with you an exciting event i attended last weekend which was the International Babywearing Week 2019. Never did i knew that a Babywearing community existed and it was so nice to see all the babywearers being present on that day to embrace the beauty of baby wearing. It was held at Jaya One, and the venue was perfect for me to get out of the house and babywear with baby.

Upon arriving to the venue, i was surprised to find myself at 'the AsianParent' booth where they were having a spin a wheel opportunity for anyone who downloads the app and answers at least 3 polls. Since i already had the app installed, i managed to spin the wheel and got myself a sample of diapers from 'the Manja Co' diapers. This is my first time hearing about it, and to my surprise, i found out that its a locally made diaper! I got my hands on it, and it does feel very soft to the touch. Have yet to try it out for my baby, so lets find out how good the absorption is.

Exploring the event, i found myself in a mini bazaar selling all things for babies! From baby carriers, baby food to baby clothes, it was so exciting to see many stuff on sale specifically for babies. (Sorry, i havent really gotten t explore any baby shops yet at this rate after giving birth). So, this was an eye opener for me to see what the baby industry offers. I didnt really spent much since most of the sellers were selling SSC baby carriers. so i had a good chat with some of the sellers on the benefits of carrying a baby is an SSC baby carrier.

While i was there, i also managed to witness a talk on 'Lets have a calm and comfortable birth'. Honestly, because i was babywearing alone, i kindda needed a break from all the walking. Haha. Thank god they had chairs at the event. I didnt manage to catch the speakers name, but boy she knows what she's talking about, especially when it comes to having a calm birth. Some of the audiances were pregnant, and i can pretty much say that the speaker was knowlegable enough to guide them towards giving birth. I learned a thing or two from her too!

I also stumbled upon an interesting stall selling organic noodles and other organic products, ...... I couldnt resist but to get a few packs for myself to try. Cause one, i LOVE noodles, and two, whats better than noodles that are made out of organic vegetables?! Me being a fan of it, its also great for the kids to enjoy thier veggies! Good stuff, and im glad that the organizer brought them in for the bazaar too! I always love discovering new things such as these.

Well, to keep my post short and sweet, i would have to say that i was pretty glad that i made time to attend the International Babywearing Week 2019. I believe its a yearly thing, and i can wait to be a part of it next year! Since im a newbie, i didnt know that they have competitions and contests on baby wearing where this year they had like a fun dressup challenge with your baby in a carrier. SO COOL! Will definitely think of something next year, and if youre a parent who wants to learn more about baby wearing, then please do attend the event next year and who knows, you might just bring yourself back a baby carrier at a special price. hehe.

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