Monday, November 18, 2019

[REVIEW] Collin's Kitchen Cupcake Decorating Workshop | Collin's Kitchen Lab

In todays blogpost, i would like to share about my experience of learning about some tips on how to decorate a cupcake like a true baker at Collin's Kitchen Workshop. If youre looking for a place to spend time with your kids without messing up the house, well, this is something you may consider! The Collin's Kitchen Lab is open for both kids and adults to explore and practice on their baking skills that would surely impress your friends and neighbours!

Each session usually takes about 3-4 hours where an hour of the session would be designated for the kids, while the other 3 hours would be more for adults as the decorating can be a little more challenging for the little ones since it requires more complicated utensils. Arriving 12pm sharp, the session started of with the kids where ready baked cupcakes were set on the table and all the decorating utensils and ingredients are neatly layed out on the table. Here the kids can just take their time to quietly decorate their cupcake using their own creative imaginations and once they're done, they get to enjoy the cupcake they made.

Once the kids session was done, we then proceeded with the adult decorating session where each of us gotten ourselves 6 cupcakes, ready to be decorated. We had Francis who guided us through on the proper steps to take to ensure that we knew what to do without destroying any of the cupcakes. Hehe. Starting off with the decoration session, we had to cut off the top of the cupcake to flattern the top part to ensure that the cupcakes has a standardized flat top, as it would look more presentable at the end of the session.

After flattening the top of the cupcake, we then proceeded to put chocolate cream to achieve a nice flat surface for all 6 cupcakes. As simple as it sounds, it wasnt that easy to actually achieve a nice glassy finish. Francis was nice enough to educate us on the important of ensuring that the cupcakes are well topped with chocolate cream with a clean glassy finish by using a special spreader with a technique that would give us the results of a clean finish. I'd say i did pretty good in this section. Hehe.

Next we proceeded to the fun part, playing with marzipan! Despite not being my first time experimenting with marzipan, i was surprised that there were so many ways to explore with this ingredients. We were all given a block of marzipan, and the first task was to cut-press it in circles to cover the cupcake. Once that was done, we were also taught on how to properly prepare the marzipan dough so that its ready to be used and shaped. Its funny that Francis mentioned that the marzipan is ready to be used when the texture feels as soft as a baby's bottom. (Because its so true!)

And after a few presses on the marzipan, here's the final outcome! Honestly i cant believe that all this was done by me! We had a good variety of designs and they were surprisingly really easy to make. Overall, i would say that im pretty satisfied with the end result and taking home more than just these amazing looking cupcakes. I definitely learned a lot on how to work with marzipan mostly, and i cant wait to explore more into creating art with marzipan at home or for future parties. Hehe.

As a verdict, i would have to say that the Collin's Kitchen Workshop was really interestung and despite it being a long 3 hour session, it hardly felt that long cause i was having so much fun! All of us truly enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen and im proud to say that i ade something that looks too good to be eaten. Once my baby is a little bigger, i would definitely want to have some mommy daughter time here as it would make my life so much easier (minus the cleaning). Well, i believe that they offer a variety of campaigns on a montly basis, so be sure to check them out! Links to their official site's below.

Collin's Kitchen Workshop 

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