Wednesday, November 6, 2019

PIGEON | GoMini - Quick Compact Breast Pump

Presenting to you, the GoMini Breast Pump
It's finally good to be attending events again, but its even better when i get to bring my bundle of joy with me. YAY! This has officially been the first event i attended with little Mikayla, and boy it was smooth. I was surprised that she was alseep throughout the event, but really i assume its because i've been attending events while i was pregnant, and the sounds might not be unusual for her. Hehe. Back to the main topic, i was honoured to be one of the few attendee's who got to witness Pigeon's latest launch, the GoMini Double Breast Pump! I swear if i found out about this earlier, i would have totally gotten this for myself as its the smallest and lightest breast pump i've seen!

Officially Launched in Malaysia
The official Launching Ceremony
Being a new mom, i definitely believe that breast milk is one of the best gift a mother can give to her newborn. Pigeon believes in the benefits of breastfeeding, and its no wonder that the brand offers a wide range of products for every nursing mom, be it from expressing milk, to storage, to feeding and even provides you with the whole full experience of enhancing your motherhood journey with your little one. I personally have been using Pigeon's milk storage bags, and it has done justice to safely store my 'gold liquid' for the little one without a doubt.

Loving the minimalistic desing
Can be both a single and double breast pump depending on individual needs
What i find the Pigeon's GoMini Breast Pump facinating is the weight of it. I managed to get my hands on it, and i was surprised that it was just as light as my handphone (currently using an iPhone XR). Weighing at only 145g, i can see why nursing mom's would go crazy over this breast pump as it doesnt add any extra weight when youre on the go with a busy hectic lifestyle. Imagine juggling between career and motherhood, it also offers double pumping, making it more convenient for you to pump wherever you are, within a shorter period of time.

Super lightweight and definitely easy to bring it around with you
In terms of charging, its compatible with power banks, making it east for you to charge when you cant find a power supply when you have that one day you forget to charge it before you head out. The GoMini also easily switches between stimulation and expression modes, and since the buttons are designed to be very close to each other, you can switch discreetly by using just one hand. Its no wonder that the GoMini has been recognised for its innovation by winning 3 prestigious awards to be the most Prestigious Awards (by Red Dot Designs), the Good Design Award (from Japan) and the Singapore Good Design Award.

Pigeon also offers Nipple Care Cream 
Priced at RM429, im already tempted to get one!
Priced at only RM429, the GoMini provides mums the flexibility of switching between single and double pumps to accomodate individual pumping needs. So if you would want to get one for yourself, it is available at all Happikiddo outlets at selected department stores, baby stores and pharmacies. Dont forget to check out other products that Pigeon has to offer, such as the Nipple Shield, the Nipper Puller and the Nipple Care Cream which is made from 100% pure lanolin to soothe cracked skin.

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