Thursday, November 21, 2019

Millennials Guide to Parenthood Workshop | By Parenthood X Nippon Paint

Attending the Millennials Guide to Parenthood Workshop
Hello everyone, since the baby is asleep now, i managed to steal some time to write out this blogpost on a workshop that i’ve attended today covering topics on ‘Millennials Guide to Parenting’ organized by Parenthood Magazine. Without hessitation, i just had to make myself available to attend this, and to also gain some insights on what i should be expecting when the baby gets a little bigger. Being a first time mom, i would have to say that it feels scary when you feel entirely clueless on what to do, but my style is always be prepared before the day comes.

In collaboration with Nippon Paint, i learned a thing or two about paint too while i was there
So, the workshop is from 10am to 2pm where we started off the workshop with a few words from Darin Wong Meng, who is the assistant general marketing  manager of Nippon Paint (M), where she gave some explanations on how Nippon Paint can help you by reducing your worries on your child. Did you know that Nippon Paint has a special paint designed to not release harsh chemicals which is safe to touch for the kids and is also anti staining making it a good precaution to ensure that the walls are washable after having the little ones being creative with the walls. I would actually consider this for the kids room once me and my husband decides to get a house of our own. Hehe.

Started off with a talk on Prevention is better than cure.
So the event started off with a talk by Dr Cham sharing about a topic on how to manage 5 most common childrens illness. During this talk, i was suprised on how easy it is for a child to catch a disease through just touching the wrong items or by being exposed to harmful viruses. Im more concern on HFMD cause it sounds really scary to the extent that a baby might suffer from even just drinking water due to the pain. Gotta keep a lookout on preventing kids from experiencing diarrhea, catching influenza, denggi and HFMD as prevention is always better than finding a cure.

Then proceeded to understand on how to handle picky eaters (fav topic of all!)
Another interesting topic would be a talk by Celeste who shared about how to handle picky eaters! My baby doesnt consume solids yet, but its always be ahead of the game no? I found this talk one of the most interesting ones as she shared about how to start early to ensure that your kids dont end up picky. Those were some good tips and she actually got me excited to start thinking of what to prepare for the little one once she starts eating real food. I think overall, the idea is to ensure that your food and colours are transparent so they know that colour should not affect perception. Also, never use sweet treats as a rewarding system as psychologically they would think sugarry food is better than nutritional foods.

Then we had some highlights on how indoor air is important for a childs growth
Then ended with a topic on how to bring out the best potential in your child
Once both talks were over, we then proceeded to a lunch where food was prepared and it was pretty good too! Very considerate of them prepare something that is consumable for the kids as well. Moving on to the next speaker, we had a talk on ‘why is indoor air wellness important’ and ‘how to bring out the best potential in your child’. Who would have thought that topics as simple as indoor air quality is important to your childs growth? Partially this topic gave me a sense of relief that its good to have an air purifier at home when my baby is growing. Keeping this blogpost minimal, basically clean air is important for a healthy growth and in terms of bringing out the best potential in your child is mainly guiding and supporting your childs interest as they grow. From this topic, i understand that different parents have different ways in educating their child, and its always best to go for what makes you and your child feel comdortable. A long way to go for me to touch into this topic, but its good to know that there are a few was to tackle on bringing the best potential in your child.

Pretty happy that i brought my sister a long with me too since the hubs was working on that day. We both learned a thing or two about bringing up a baby. 

Overall, i would say that the talk was very informative and im glad that it was within a span of only 4 hours, cause really, my brain was a little exhausted on paying attention since i had a baby on me to also entertain on the other hand. But thankfully that my baby survived through the event with me. The organizers were even nice enough to prepare a breastfeeding room for mom's who attended the event with kids which i think is a great initiative. Personally, i feel that more talks such as these should be conducted more often to guide new moms like myself. I find that it was very helpful in educating new parents and current parents on understanding the millennial trend. Well, thats all for now. I've asked the organizers, and they told me that they will be having more events like this in the near future, so be should to keep yourself updated by following Parenthood via social media. 

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