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[REVIEW| MYLARA Skincare | Super Brightening & Glowing 5 in 1

Reviewing the MyLara Skincare
Hi guys, if you have been following me on my social media, it has been roughly 3 months that i've gotten myself comfortable with motherhood and honestly, i've been frequently asked on why do i now have that tired mom look? Well, a possible secret to that would be because i've been using MYLARA Skincare's Super Brightening & Glowing 5 in 1 set. I was introduced to this about a month ago, and i am so glad that i decided to give this a go!

Basic Set + Glowing Spray + Serum
I am pretty happy that MYLARA Skincare is Malaysian made, and i must say that the quality of the formulation is pretty impressive! The set that I've gotten includes a Glowing Cleanser, a CC Cream, a Night Cream, a glowing spray, and a serum, summing up to a complete skincare range for you to achieve actual results. My biggest skin concern has always been pigmentations, and im glad that this range has proven to be worthy to give my face that natural glow even when im bare-faced. Going into details, let me share with you about each of the products.

Skin Perfecting Basic Set

Glowing Cleanser 
Texture is in gel form and when it contact with water, its non foaming
First up would be the skin-perfecting basic set which is inclusive of the Glowing Cleanser, the Miracle matte CC Cream and the Instabright Night Cream. The glowing cleanser comes in a pump bottle that functions as a cleanser and exfoliator that firms and brightens the skin with papaya fruit extract. If youre a beauty enthusiast, you would know that papaya has tons of benefits on brightening the skin. On a first impression, i must say that the scent of this is AH-Mazing, making cleansing my skin much more enjoyable. The texture of it is like gel form, but once in contact with water, it foams up and gently exfoliates the skin. I was pretty surprised that this cleanser did not make my skin feel dry, and i must say that my skin still felt moisturized after cleansing. Major love!

Mylara Day CC Cream
Nude colour and texture is heavy cream
Here i've applied on half my face and you can see that it really makes my skin look brighter
Next would be the CC Cream, which is an all in one multi-tasking cream that protects your skin from UV with SPF 30. The CC Cream is basically a cream that you apply during the day time, and it has this foundation like color. The texture is slightly thick to my liking, but it works great as a primer before actually applying makeup on your face. It definitely did improve my skin texture while giving my skin a matte finish, which I believe could be the reason why my make up lasted longer than usual. hehe. Alternatively, on days that I don't feel like wearing makeup, this worked as a great lightweight foundation too.

MyLara Night Cream 
Waterbased cream texture
Im surprised to find this to be very lightweight and non sticky
Another thing that was included in the Skin Perfecting basic set would be the Instabright Night Cream. The night moisturizer is basically thicker in texture and has a very luxurious creamy vibe to it. On a personal comment, i actually enjoy using this at night cause my skin felt each time i wake up in the morning. It really nourishes and moisturizes the skin throughout the night, It claims that it whitens the skin as early as 14 days, but i feel that makes my skin glow rather than it whitens. If you sleep in an air-conditioned room, trust me when i say that this cream would be your best friend!

Fix | Glo Glowing Spray

Fix Glow Glowing Spray
Has a floral scent and its water based
3 sprits is all it takes and my skin feels instantly refreshed
The next this that is included in the set was the Fix | Glo Multitalent Glowing Spray. It acts as a liquid primer that gives your skin a good balance of hydration while acting as a setting spray, leaving your skin with a natural glowing effect. I personally use this as my setting spray more frequent, but truly, I actually think that this is one of the reasons why my make up stays throughout the day. I actually bring this around in my handbag with me and ocassionally spray my face to refreshen my tired look. Works great as a quick solution to refresh your face while keeping your make up intact. I Approve.

Perfect Glow Serum

MyLara Perfect Glow Serum
One of my favourite products from MyLara Skincare!
And last but not least would be the Perfect Glow Serum. This serum is formulated to brighten skin tones, scars, and sunburns, making it my favorite product from the collection. Trust me when I say that it did a great job in minimizing my pores while lightening the acne scars that I have around my forehead. Other than that, it also gives my skin that extra glow. The texture is somewhere in between watery and gel-like, but once you have applied it on your skin, I find that it can be well absorbed by my skin, leaving a very lightweight finish.

Daily Routine

And thats basically my secret to glowy skin!
As a daily routine, during the day time, I would cleanse, apply their CC Cream and apply the fix and glow glowing spray, then apply makeup and spray my face again to ensure that my makeup will last throughout the day. As for my night routine, I would cleanse, apply their Instabright night cream, followed by the perfect glow serum. Just to lock the serum in, i would sometimes apply more moisturizing cream just to lock in the benefits of the serum.

To conclude my review, i would say that despite it being a local brand, i actually like the formulation of their products cause other than solving my pigmentation issues and wide pores. After using this for roughly a month, i honestly did not experience serious breakouts (just hormonal ones), and it did give my skin that natural glow. I love that it works well with my oily combination skin and that it's very gentle too. All in all, i would recommend you to try MYLARA Skincare if youre looking for a skincare range that makes your skin glow. Do checkout their official sites linked below for more information. Thank you for reading my humble review and i hope this post helped in making your decision.

MyLara Skincare

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