Monday, November 11, 2019

Faber-Castell's Back to School Offer | Kidzania Discount until March 2020

Faber-Castell is ready to get you back to school!
Faber Castell being a huge part of my childhood, it was such an honour to be invited to check out the Faber-Castell's Back to School campaign, where they believe in focusing on nurturing the creativity and imagination of children. With that in mind, i believe that Faber-Castell has suceeded in making me wish that i was a kid again with their new conceptual constribution to let kids explore possibilities and to also simulate their brain development.

Find this Castle to check out what Faner-Castell has to offer
A complete stationery set by Faber-Castell
Going into what Faber-Castell has to offer for the kids going back to school next year, there will be a Castle Heroes theme featuring Bernard and Cassandra to inspire children to inspire children to use thier imagination in conquering obstacles and challenges. So if you happen to be in malls looking to prepare for school, be sure to keep a look out for the Castle! There are four castle heroes sets that has been introduced, which involves a set containing complete stationery items,a drawing set coupled with a set of creative drawing cards, a mechanical pencil set and a 3-piece eraser set.

Check out the latest innovation of colouring!
Install the app and give this drawing life!
Apart from the themed set, there are also other several Back to School sets which may be great as Christmas presents as well since the festive season is just around the corner. One that i've kept my eyes on would be the 'Colour to Life' Augmented Reality Colouring Book with Connector Pens. The ‘Colour to Life’ is Faber-Castell Malaysia’s latest digital application that would bring colouring and drawing to life. The set comes with a colouring book, a set of coloured connector pens and an app that makes the characters in the book come to life with colours. Just hearing about it during the launch made me wished i was a kid again! I mean, who wouldnt want a colouring book that can make your colouring pop into 3D via app?!

How cute is this My Colour Companion?
Just look at all the other stationaries that are available too!
Not to forget for the younger toddlers, there is also a Colour Companion First Grasp Crayon that comes togeter with a colouring book. There is also an attractive Colour Design. Tri-Writing triangular pencils which is perfect for writing and drawing. I swear i can wait for my baby Mikayla to grow bigger where i'll give her all the colouring pencils that she can ever dream of to express her creativity.  I must say that Faber Castell offers really interesting sets that would equiped any mini artist to be ready for school.

A performance by the Trinity Community Children
While i was there, i also got to witness a very special performance that brought me into tears. There were 24 children present from the Trinity Community Childrens home and they presented a really sweet song to the audiance. I was so happy to find that Faber Castell was generous to sponsor them with a years supply of stationary items as part of their corporate social responsibility programme. The looks on their faces were priceless! 

Check it out! With purchase of Faber-Castell, you're entitled for discounts to KidZania
There is also a Faber-Castell in KidZania!
Did you know that Faber-Castell Malaysia is also collaborating with KidZania to offer special discounts for KidZania entry tickets with purchase of the Faber-Castell Slim-Flexi or Watercolour pencils. To get this discount, all you need to do is to have a single reciept purchase of either the Faber-Castell Slim-Flexi or Watercolour pencils, which entitles you to purchase up to four tickets with 35% discount from 1 November to 31st December 2019 and 40% discount from 1st January to 31st March 2020. So be sure to plan ahead and surprise the kids with this exclusive deal! 

Faber-Castell Malaysia

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