Wednesday, November 20, 2019

RAGE 2.0 Now Opens in Mid Valley Megamall

RAGE 2.0 is now open at Mid Valley Megamall
I always love a good cup of coffee at any time of the day when i need an extra dose of sunrise. Presenting to you RAGE, a local coffee tech scene startup, has launched their second flagship outlet in Mid Valley Megamall called RAGE 2.0. I'd say that RAGE promotes a fresh concept of presenting coffee with a reinvented menu that would stand out with the meals they offer. Not to forget that if youre a fan of matcha and frap, they also offer matcha based drinks as well as frappes with multiple options of alternative milk to choose from.

The casual ambaince of RAGE 2.0
The mastermind behind this idea would be by Jevin Singh where he aims to offer customers more than just your typical instagramable cafe. Combining both technology and community, RAGE hopes to assemble go-getters, dream chasers and entrepreneurs to do what they love and provide a space for fellow RAGERs to connect and build relationships with others of similar interests. Aiming to provide a space for working adults around Mid Valley, I found my self enjoying their fraps and dishes which I cant wait to share with you!

Lamb Wrap with Chaiger Latte
Download the RAGE App
Featuring some of their unique menu's, RAGE offers some interesting dishes such as Tenderloin Rice Bowls, Lamb Wraps and to pair that up, with RAGE's Specialty drinks for a match made in heaven. Not to forget, RAGE also has a DrinkRage app, where you can get your beverages delivered to you. Say bye bye to the trouble of getting a cup of coffee cause they can bring it right to your door step. I actually took the time to download the app and man this is a whole new level of ordering coffee. With 3 simple steps, all you need to do is choose your location, shop for your choice of drink then it would be delivered to you within 30 minutes. Im impressed!

Beef Dendeng with Passion Matcha
One of the things that i admire the most about RAGE would be that they aim to collaborate with locally grown brands such as Rimau NGO, who protects Malaysian tigers and currently, they are raising awareness to save the tigers by sharing some of their latte's proceeds. Coffee that gives back to NGO's are a bonus to me cause you get to kill two birds with one stone by enjoying your favourite cup of coffee while sharing some support to our Tigers here in Malaysia.

RAGE Coffee Menu
You should also really check otut their interesting signature drinks as well.
Their menu's offer an interesting variety of options which you may not find in any other coffee store (in my case, none matches what they offer) and i absolutely admire that their main dishes has a twist of western and local vibes that creates a gastronomy of a really good combination. The lamb wrap was a personal favourite of mine and boy i was surprised when i found that they have a special partnership with the Beard Brothers - local specialist in BBQ. Did you know that they uses dry coffee rubs on their Beef Terderloin bowls which you can now get it from RAGE 2.0 Mid Valley? A must try if you havent already! 

Well, to conclude my visit at RAGE 2.0 in Mid Valley Megamall, i would have to say that it was one of the most interesting cup of flavours i've ever had in my life. While i was there, i ordered myself the Matcha Gula Melaka, and its nothing that i've ever tasted before! So if youre looking for an interesting coffee shop that can get your coffee ready fast (via app) or just looking for a gastronomic experience of flavours, then be sure to head over to RAGE 2.0!


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