Saturday, May 30, 2015

KL Big Kitchen! [29th to 31st May]

Hey y'all, aren't we all happy that it already the weekend? Like finally! And if you have no plans, why not drop by Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015 where they will have food, entertainment and definitely a guaranteed gastronomic gathering. 
The KL Big Kitchen Festival 2015 is a fun-filled 3-day festival that will satiate the foodie in you! With more than just tons of appetising food, there will be a host of lifestyle & cultural performances and exciting competitions for everyone.
Visitors who are there, will have the opportunity to attend all the cooking workshops and demonstrations (based on a first-come, first-served basis as seats may be limited), listen to the gastronomic talks and be entertained by the cultural performances. So like, theres pretty much nothing that you should miss at this event. 
But of course, is it free? Well, the answer to that would be is you might need to pay an entry fee of RM1 for adults or 50 cents for a child. Also, food items may be purchased using “Kupang”, which are specially designed tokens that will replace the need for cash at the festival. Talk about going back in time, the “Kupangs” will be available in denominations of half Kupang, one Kupang and five Kupang. The Kupangs can be purchased at the ticketing booth near the main entrance to the festival venue. 
The term “Kupang” is taken from the traditional Malay coin currency that was used in the Malay Peninsula since over a century ago. So instead of saying ringgit, they will only receive payment in Kupang, which i think its really cute!

The KL Big Kitchen Festival will feature 8 unique and interesting villages for you to explore. Each village represents the different areas of gastronomic experiences and will feature various foods and activities unique and special to its kind. While some villages will have an al-fresco open-air setting, others may be tented with air-conditioning. And its not usual that you get to see an event happening at our historic Merdeka Square, so why not drop by and have some fun?
Here are some photos i took from some KL Ambssadors, with permission of course to just share to you what its like to be there. And apparently, the view of the place at night is amazing! But let me warn you, cause if you're planning to come at night, the food might run out. So better plan your day ahead if your planning to buy some scrumptious food at the event.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over this weekend itself, cause you're not gonna know whens the next one coming around. For more information, do head over to Well, if you are heading there tomorrow, do leave some comments below to tell me about your day as i would love to hear all about it :)

Hope you found this post informative!

Much love,
Aliza Sara xx

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