Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Win yourself a getaway to Philippines with “The Cetaphil Experience” campaign

Hello readers,

Here's what i got for you today. Im sure y'all have heard of Cetaphil. Who hasn't! Its one of the most trusted skincare brands for women today. Whats cooler is the new campaign they recently launched:  "Cetaphil Experience"

About the Cetaphil Experience Contest

This new campaign includes a contest that they will see a lucky winner from Malaysia to win an award-winning retreat to the Philippines. Not only will the winner be pampered for 3 days, she will also get an empowering educational experience with skincare experts who will lead workshops on taking care of her skin. Sounds like something 1 need, to be honest!

Im using Cetaphil myself and its one of the most gentle cleansers, i have at home. Its definitely a trusted brand and if you are un-aware, Malaysia's #1 dermatologist-recommended skincare brand.

Rules of the campaign: Scratch that out cause they are no rules! All you need to do is, write on what skin confidence means to you and you're on your way to winning your trip to Philippines. If you're already hyped up to sign up for the challenge, do head on over to their Facebook page at Cetaphil Malaysia, and click the 'Cetaphil Experience' tab. Or you can just click here:

Psst, Im gonna let you girls in on a little secret. Every contestant who enters the Experience also wins an instant gift! This is either a gift pack, a bottle of Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser or vouchers from  Cetaphil. What of you have to lose! So to sum it all up

A getaway at the ward-winning resort. The Farm at San Benito, Philippines.

Cetaphil Gift packs, a bottle of Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser or vouchers from Cetaphil

I just signed up and won a Cetaphil of RM5! Yay! So what are you waiting for, join now!

For more information visit Cetaphil Malaysia on Facebook. Or share you skin confidence story and sign up by clicking here:

 I wish y'all good luck, and this is me signing out.

Much loves,
Aliza Sara xx

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