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Teatox & Lose Weight by just drinking tea via Cuppateauk

The packaging of CuppateaUK.
Im sure we have one of those days where we feel bloated and especially to the women in the world, we are busy people trying to keep the world an organized place which leads to forget to eat healthy since we can occasionally be too busy! And to those who are weight conscious, diet or starvation isn’t the way to lose weight.

I’ve being going through some detox tea research and this one particularly tea caught my eye. Introducing the Cuppatea, where its a UK based company that promotes healthy living and natural beauty. What caught attention was that it consist of 100% natural ingredients and aids weight loss through a balanced diet and regular exercise regime.

Teken from: http://www.cuppatea.uk.com/products/14-day-teatox
 I am aware that you don’t lose much weight by just consuming tea, but its more to living a healthy life to improve your lifestyle. Im thankful to be given an opportunity to try the 14 Day Teatox and see how it goes as I’ve been dying to find the right tea as I know a few taste pretty unacceptable according to a few reviewers. So, here’s basically what the tea bags look like.

Here is my 1 week review after trying out Cuppatea.uk. I realized that my bloated feeling decreased, and also that to my surprise I lost 3kg’s in a week! And of course, I kept a healthy diet making sure I ate my veggies and also exercised 3 times within the week by doing just cardio.  Im amazed on how much energy it gives me too, definitely refreshing. To make it easier, I’ve written a review below by separating the content of the Bedtime Cleanse and the Morningtime Detox.

The Bedtime Cleanse teabag. 
Bedtime cleanse

Cuppa Tea’s Bedtime cleanse taste pretty good. Usually I would consume it after dinner, just before I head to bed as the scent of it relaxes me to snooze of easily. I love the after taste of it. A little bitter at your first sip, but it leaves a sweet and minty after taste. I didn’t add any sugar, as it does not need sugar according to the instructions. And after consuming a cup of the teatox, it left my mouth feeling minty fresh and if you consume water, the taste is mind-blowing! Imagine plain water tasting sweet. It contains all natural ingredients, which includes senna leaves, burdock root, liquorice root, hawthorn leaves, fenugreek seeds, peppermint leaves, chamomile and psyllium seeds.

The Bedtime cleanse
As mentioned on the pack, it says that the natural ingredients will induce a laxative effect to naturally cleanse and detoxify the body, approximately 8 hours after drinking.

The after effect:
I woke up the next morning feeling like I needed to poop, and yes, it felt like I pooped all my fats out. HAHA. But not to worry, since its all natural ingredients, it just helps to clean whatever that’s in your body which is not needed by the body. I actually had this bloated feeling before consuming tea, and the bloated feeling disappeared after 3 days of consuming it. HORAH!

The Morningtime teabag.
Morningtime Detox,

The morningtime Detox has a really fresh scent.  If youre familiar with the taste of chinese tea, this practically taste just like chinese tea. And of course, chinese tea is not consumed with sugar anyway, so the taste is pretty much like plain herbal tea. Its actually refreshing to enjoy this tea early in the morning before starting your day. And for the past 1 week of drinking this tea, I realized that I had more energy than usual, which is a bonus! The tea somewhat relaxes my ‘stressed’ out muscles and I guess it gave me more energy by improving my blood circulation. It contains all natural ingredients, which includes, mate leaves, chinese oolong tea, ginger root, lotus leaves, lemongrass, ginseng root, dandelion leaf, gotu kola leaves, and nettle leaves.

My Morningtime tea where i usually like to enjoy it with fresh fruits. 
The instruction says to drink it every morning before starting your day otherwise drink this when you get the chance. So this basically has effect to consuming it, except to only add energy to your body feeling fresh and ready to go! Similar to what coffee does to you, but of course, caffeine isn’t all time a good thing. So if you would want to try to change your diet from caffeine to tea, I would highly recommend this! From the images below, you can see the before and after picture where i would say that my tummy looks less bloated + my weight loss without even trying too hard!

1 week before consuming CuppateaUK

1 week after consuming CuppateaUK

And as of now, I have another week to to go, so do keep an eye on my blog to see the full progress of the whole of two weeks, from what i ate, what exercise i did and basically my whole journey to getting a fitter toned body. So, wish me luck! I'm already tempted to get another pack to help me in achieving my "dream body for my god knows when is my wedding going to be" wedding. HAHA.

This is me signing off, and do not hesitate to leave me a comment below to ask me any questions or maybe share me your thoughts about teatoxing! 

For more information, head on over to CuppateaUK's official website by clicking here, or check out their official Facebook by clicking here.

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Till then loves,
Aliza Sara xx


  1. Wow, I need this kind of detox tea leh, to clear my internal toxin :P

    1. You should! This doesn't taste as bad actually. If you're planning to purchase Cuppatea, don't forget to enter the discount code "aliza15off" upon check out. :)

      And thanks for dropping by!