Saturday, May 23, 2015

Vbra from BeautyLicious World [REVIEW]

Hey y'all, ever have those day that you've been dying to wear that bare-back dress you just bought but never found the right bra to wear it with? Well, i just got mine today and this might answer your question. Usually i keep wearing a tube to 'try' as hard as i can to make it look acceptable. But it pretty much ruins the whole dress. *cries* Not to worry, cause i have found this Facebook page called Bautylicious, and it was a life saviour!

And yes, it is a strapless, backless bra. What really caught my attention was that they had this CRAZY PROMOTION of getting your Vbra at a promotional price of RM20 with free postage! But the condition was that you need to buy 2 of it. Which means its RM40 for 2 Vbra's including postage. Thats a pretty good deal if you ask me cause i've been searching and some places are too overpriced for something you wear very rarely.

The service was amazing too. So thank you Sonia for getting the parcel ready and sent fast. And when i say fast, it was really fast i have to say. I paid for the Vbra's just yesterday morning and i received it today! Unbelievable! :D Thanks for making my day Beautylicious. You guys are awesome with time and also in customer service.

And of course, with such a reasonable price of RM20 for each Vbra, I'm sure you are wondering what the quality is like right? Well, i took a few shots of the actual product and it looks pretty good to me i must say. The silicon glue seems very sticky and it does look like it would last me a while. Yay to more bareback dresses! :D I bought both in Nude cause i think nude is the easies colour to blend with, cause it goes with anything.

From the photo above, you can see that the Vbra comes in an individual box for each Vbra and the box still looks good and strong to go through the poslaju centre. And as you can see, the material has a cotton like surface and silicon on the inside to make sure they stick to you and not fall instead. It feels like it would last me a while and i think for the price of RM20 each, its definitely worth it!

So ladies, if you have similar problems like i did, (referring to the bareback dress incident or similar) do check them out for amazing products which are definitely affordable and unique on it owns. For more information do not forget to head over to their official Facebook page or their official website for more amazing products that they have in store for you.

*better hurry*
Head on over to the direct link to the product by clicking here:

I guess thats all for now. Thank you once again Beautylicious for the excellent service and also for being so efficient, now i can wear that dress that i've been dying to wear. Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU! Will definitely shop with you again one day :)

Much love,
Aliza Sara x

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