Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Launch of Belief, believe in truth.

Olla, im sure youre wondering why Belief’s tag line is believe in the truth? Well, I had the same thought when I first heard of it. And of course, as corny as it sounds, its because they believe in believing in the truth. Without believe, there is no truth, right? So there you have it. A product that you can believe in miracles. *Queue’s rainbow* LOL. Belief comes from Korea, which I think  seems pretty obvious as the market of skin care products in Malaysia are highly interested in Korean products.

Earlier this month, I was invited to the media launch of belief by the Butterfly Project and the PR team of Belief, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having me at the media launch. It was held at their first ever store in Malaysia, Sunway Pyramid. Congratulations on your launch Belief, and don’t you think their store looks amazing? Looks like a laboratory to me. Clean and super professional.

 What makes Belief unique? Let me spill the beans, they basically have a unique formulating philosophy that marries apothecary traditions and cutting-edge of Korean skincare technology, which has gained loyalty and respect of the worlds most infamously demanding skincare consumers. By now, its safe to say that Korea is well known as the epicentre of new skincare trends. We all know that Koreans do have skincare regimens involving the use of numerous products everyday, but belief embraces a powerful 4-step regiment that distills skincare down to care needs.

At the launch, we had Ben Foo explaining to us about the latest innovation of skincare by Belief and the from the tag line itself, the simple honesty of the brands formulating philosophy has paid off. Belief is known as the authority in hydration and has big plans on becoming the hydration leader in the US as well.

In the photo above would be what Belief is best known for. These two star hydration products literally does wonders if you ask me. Since both are hydration products, let me assist you in explaining the difference:

The True Cream - Moisture Bomb
Its a cushiony luxurious and intensely hydrating cream. 

The True Cream - Aqua bomb
Its a refreshing, soothing and moisturising gel cream.

The Success of these beautifully textured formulas is all the more notable in Korea, where hydration is a key skincare concern. Did you know that the Moisture bomb has the distinction of being the number one sku in prestige, across all categories of beauty in Korea? Well, now you do, and how amazing is that. 

They also had this really adorable exhibition located right in front of Belief and it had some photos on the wall which i found pretty interesting. Do drop by when you have the time to check out the exhibition before it goes away. I also took some interior shots of the store because i found it really cool and clean. It made me felt like a professor walking into their store, trying out experiments to se which one works and which doesn't. hehe 

Belief distinguishes itself with packaging that is transparent about key ingredients. Each of its product ranges from RM45 to RM260 and on each packaging addresses diverse skin type and concerns. Their formula's are specially designed to be free of mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, synthetic preservatives and animal origin ingredients. 

For more information on Belief, do not hesitate to visit their official website

Psst, i've brought back both of their star products to see what it does, and i'll get back to you with a review soon of which one do i prefer most. Teehee

Thanks for dropping by,
Aliza Sara xx

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