Friday, May 22, 2015

The Bloggers BBQ Poolside Party!

So, I'm sure you want to know how was the Bloggers BBQ Poolside Party, happened on the 17th of May 2015. And let me tell you that it was some real fun in the sun! Despite the slight rain though, thank god that it rained for  a short while. Met some amazing blogger, made new friends, and of course we had amazing food prepared for us which was lovely. And on top of that, there were more than 100 bloggers invited to the even, which made the event more happening i must say.

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We had a view of the lovely pool, just right next our BBQ pit and i loved the exclusive environment of the event. It was quiet and very private for us to just enjoy our lazy Sunday with amazing company of bloggers from different backgrounds of interest. Thanks to Sidney from for throwing one of the biggest BBQ party i've been to and also to the sponsors who made this happen!

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Here are some photos of the amount of food we had and i especially liked the lamb. It was grilled to perfection and definitely the best part was that we got to enjoy it with fellow bloggers. We had desserts thanks to Eastin Hotel for the yummy cakes which ran out within seconds! Everyone was grabbing a slice of cake of their own and i only managed to get a bite from Jessy, a blogger friend of mine and it tasted like heaven.

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Did i mentioned that NY Steak Shack also provided us the food + some balloons for the pool? And yes, the kids were having fun swimming with Balloons in the pool and it does add some colour too! I received some vouchers to dine at NY Steak Shack and i can't wait to tell you all about my experience of having my first ever meal there. Have been finding the right time to go check it out with my boyfriend, and looks like its a sign already since i have a voucher to try out their Rib Eye steak!

Bakarlah BBQ was of our sponsors as well for the flow of meat we had on the day which was delish! Perfectly grilled, from the lamb, to the chicken and even the fish wasn't too overcooked. Thank you so much for preparing it for us. But of course, the lamb was the highlight. Everyone was eyeing on it the minute it was on the pit! Imagine once it was ready and cooked, it took everyone less than 5 minutes to empty the grill. And from the earlier photos, you can see that i had shisamo on my plate which was yums.

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Before i end this this post, i truly have to say that the highlight was of course the photographer of the day, the ninja photographer, ZUNG! He has taken tons of photos from Donald Trump, Richard Branson as their personal photographer. Im sure every blogger at the event were pretty nervous to have their photo taken by the legendary Zung. In person, he is actually a really nice down to earth person, very inspirational to his past history of how he got to where he is today. Do check him out at Zung Ninja Photographer.

There were two shots taken by The Photoz, one was a twilight shot taken by Zung and also another photograph which was an indoor black and white portrait. Cant wait to see the outcome of the photo as i haven't exactly seen mine yet. The indoor shoot was fun cause the photographer literally brought the energy out of me during the shoot. If you are in need of a photoshoot, The Photoz has one of the best photographers to make you feel good and look great during the photoshoot.

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Everyone had an amazing time and managed to meet new blogger pals along the way. I would say that it was a successful gathering among bloggers, with the right environment to just relax on a Sunday. We also had balloons sponsored by Balloon Buzz USJ Taipan as our props for the event. Slightly sad that i was slightly late during the event, but it was definitely an event i wouldn't want to miss.

And to the guy who made this all happen, thank you Sidney for having me at your Poolside party! Thank you for the goodie bag and thank you for organising such a fun memorable gathering. I have definitely made some new friends and it was great getting to spend time with you. Didn't get to talk to you much, but i do hope to work with you more in the future. Looking forward to more events by you Sid *wink


As i didn't take much photos while the sun way out, photo credits goes to Miriam Merry Go Round and also Miera Nadhirah Dot Com.  Do check them out cause they have tons of updates to keep up with :) Thanks gals for the amazing shots.

Well, that was basically my weekend, another weekend to look forward to as i'll be competing in the High Heel Dash tomorrow happening at Publika. So if you happen to be there, do support me! HAHA.

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