Saturday, May 23, 2015

Topman Tookover Friday Night

I apologise if i was spamming too much photos at last nights party but yes, with Paperplane Pursuit, Janechuck and Hypeebeats at the party, it was a BLAST! Loved the fact that everyone was dressed amazing and it was like a laid back Friday night to enjoy amazing music and company. There were drinks served on the house and entertainment under the stars. What better way would you want to spend friday night right?

Here are a few shots at the event which looked like photos that you always see on tumblr. HAHA. and yes, the setting was lovely. I would like to wish the team a good job for the pretty deco.  We also had some Photo Booth fun where there were people lining up to get their memories recorded. Thank god i managed to get mine, both thanks to Fliplet and WowBooth for being a part of this take over. 

The Fliplet was the interesting one! If you've checked out my instagram, theres a video of my flirty fliplet and i found it super adorable. The things people come up these days are amazing! Topman had Smirnoff and their signature cocktails served at the event, and it was everywhere. Im not a fan of drinking so i didn't consume any. But they also had soft drinks which was very considerate of them to provide for the non-drinkers. THANK YOU TOPMAN!

Here are photos of Paperplane Pursuit and Janechuck at the stage doing their thang to hype up the party. Thanks for starting the party for us. Didn't managed to get a photo of Hypeebeat, cause well, with them on the DJset, who has time to take photos! The party was a success and i was praying really hard that it wouldn't rain, and it didn't! Met some familiar faces along the way and that was unexpected, but thats always one of the nicest surprises to get at an event. 

Before i end my post, i would like to thank TOPMAN and the team for having me on board at the party. It was an amazing party you threw and I'm looking forward for more 'parties' in the future. Don't forget to count me in and i don't think anyone would want to miss their throw bash. Much Love! Some photos of me loves, the amazing Denver for his enthusiasm which i love and also Carolyn my long gone and finally back from US bestie. It was nice seeing everyone else there too, but i didn't exactly managed to take photos with y'all. 

Some goodies that were given from Topman. Thank you for the recycling bag and lanyard! There always come in handy especially when you don't have enough hands when you're shopping. Teehee. For more updates on their next events, do not forget to head over to their official Facebook page, their official website or their instagram to stay updated with what they have in for their loyal customers.

For more information on their phootobooths: 

Hope you enjoy reading this. This is me, Sara signing out. xx

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