Friday, May 15, 2015

Orient is Celebrating their 65th Anniversary

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I've been caught up with tons of work and activities lately since my finals for my Masters are just around the corner. But i'll always make some time to go through the latest trends in our fashion industry. And of course, i think not only clothes, shoes, bags and make up can create a fashion statement, but of course, watching are definitely in trend. Wearing a monochrome outfit with the right watch would definitely put you into a classy trend.

The Orient Roadshow at Mid Valley (till 17th May 2015)
Managed to pop by their pop up store which will be up only till the 17th of May 2015, better hurry if you're in need of a classy watch to last you for years. In this post, there are photos of the timepieces that i found very appealing. Watches has been in many ways of a symbol of an achievement in life to being able to accommodate with time to your busy schedule.

The details on these timepieces were definitely admired by me from its stunning luxurious style finish to its concentric patters of motifs and embellishments. These gave me a sense of vintage where it reminded me of my grandfather's time when i was younger. I mean, whats there not to love about these amazing timepieces?

What really caught my eye was the Sun and Moon Timepiece in rose gold, as of course, rose gold is a very classic tone. Designed by Orient and while each of them are unique, what gives them their edge would be their craftsmanship to prepare such a watch that tell you the exact time and day. Orient has never failed to introduce new products into the market and it has always been a brand that has consistent focused on their development but also sustain its classy design.

Orient Sun and Moon Timepiece in Rose Gold ( RM1537) 
The occasion of the day was that they are actually celebrating their 65th Anniversary which of course we can say that it has been very long the the market industry. Here are some other pieces which were featured at their Mid Valley Roadshow.

Orient M-Force 200m
Variety of Orient Watches
Orient x STI M-Force 200m Limited Edition (RM2,650)
One of the highlights for Orient would be their Orient Star which was the first mechanical timepiece produced by Orient in 1951. As you can see, the design are very classic but with a slight touch of a more polished vintage piece.

The Orient Star Collection

Orient Star Automatic
The Orient Star Collection 
Orient Star Automatic
This would be the latest watch currently which is called the Orient Automatic Yearly Calendar Timepiece, the highlight of the roadshow that had a multi year calendar built within. With polished details and an attractive colourful design, this will definitely attract attention!

The Yearly Calendar Timepiece
If you have spotted any of your favourites here from the collection, be sure to drop by their road show to personally experience the beauty of these amazing timepieces by Orient. Mine personally would be from the fashionable automatic "Happy stream collection- Fairy". Why? Because the roses and the fairy changes into seven different colours to match your outfit which concludes my decision on why i love it so much. *Hearts*

Happy Stream Collection - Fairy (RM689)

So if you happen to be around mid valley, be sure to drop by their roadshow and of course, they are affordable, exclusive and it would create a classy impression every time you walk into a room.  If you're looking for a watch, do check out Orient's roadshow at Midvalley before Sunday.

For more information, do head over to Orient's official website to check out their other timepieces to keep yourself up to date. Hope you found this post informative. Do leave a comment below if you have any other question :)

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