Sunday, May 24, 2015

My First High Heel Dash in Malaysia Experience

If you're on my social networks, I'm pretty sure that you would know that i was one of the runners for the high heel dash and let me tell you that it was an amazing experience. Its not very common to have any race in heels and at the same time, it pretty much test your time on how fast can you run in heels. (for occasions when I'm late for events or late for work) HAHA. Just in case, you'll never know right.

Let me tell you a thing or two about the occasion. The race is a modern woman race in high heels, and in order to get to the top, women would constantly be on the run but at the same time, never failing to be stylish. This happens to be the FIRST High Heel Dash in Malaysia initiated by Bloc 48 in support of women empowerment for all ladies who want to shatter the glass ceiling. It was held in Publika Square, and what better way would it be by having a chic all-day event that brings together dasher to run 50m for a good cause? 

At the event, there was live entertainment, great food (healthy too), fabulous women-centric businesses and activities, plus amazing prizes in store to make this a dashing affair. While waiting for my turn to run, i had some time to get my hair done by L'oreal who happens to be there, supporting the charitable event. Therefore, i hope that explains why my hair was so glam on stage to receive my award. With L'oreal, it pretty much proves that even after running for a few times, and with all that amount of sweat you're sweating, at the end of the day, it still keeps you looking great! haha.

Before my hair was done  
After my hair was done = FABULOUSITY! 
To all the participants, we were able to get a bottle of smooshie for FREE. And it was yums.
And of course, when it was my turn to run, i was really nervous i must say. There were 4 groups in total who needed to run and each group will have to run in a total of 3 times, with a distance of 50m for each round to see if they qualify for the finals. The reason why 3 times, was because they needed to record the best timing and see who deserves to be in the finals. Didn't think i would be in the finals, but guess what, when the finalist results were out, apparently i had one of the best timings! Now that was shocking to mentally know that you're so close to win the grand prize of a return flight to and from London sponsored by MAS. Here's a photo of how the race track looks like, it was very much challenging to run around the curb.

The finalist from Category A.
This event does not only help support women empowerment, but also benefit The Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) in their effort to provide a safe shelter for female vicious of abuse. So, yes, to be a part of this event, you would need to pay a fee of RM150 which a percentage of it would go to the WAO which i think was fair. For a good cause, and if you don't win, you would still get a goodie bag worth over RM500 for just participating. So yes, it was finally the moment of truth. The final run was recorded, and here's the video of it. HAHA. and if you're wondering, I'm the runner on the 1st lane. 

And from the photos, I'm pretty sure that you can tell that i won in First Runner Up under Category A  (18 years -30 years). And to be honest, i didn't think i would get a medal and a trip to Seoul, Korea as i was only aware that the Grand Prize was return tickets to fly to London for 2 and the Second Prize would be return tickets to fly to Phuket for 2. But to my surprise, there are also giving prizes to the Top 3 winners for each category. And i am thankful :) I made a lot of new friends since i came alone, and i thank my other blogger friends for wishing me luck during the run. Teehee. Here are some photos of friends that i've made along the way.

With Tara, thanks babe for the support! :*

And thats Chewit and Sima whom i met while waiting for my turn to run in Group 4. It was nice meeting y'all. 
Me with Murni (who won first) and Saranya (who won second runner up) 
And of course, if you're dying to know what we got in our goodie bag, here are the things that was in the bag which they were tons of vouchers, a scarf, a magazine and some MAS merchandises. Woop woop. Can't wait to discover new products and go have meals for my vouchers. But to be honest, I'm not exactly the best person to keep updated with my vouchers. HAHA. Oh well, we'll see what i can do with them soon.

It was a really fun experience and i would be looking forward to the next High Heel Dash in 2016. Great job and i hope you made enough funds for the WAO. Thank you for having me in the run, and thank you for the generous goodie bag ! So if you're already thinking of signing up for the next High Heel Dash, do not forget to keep updated with their official website or their Facebook page. Thank you and i hope this wasn't too draggy to read. 

Me with Genelle and Murni showing off our heels who won us medals.

For more information on the High Heel Dash, check this link out :

Much Love,
Aliza Sara xx


  1. Wahhhhh, tahniahhhh. iday dah lama tak pakai heels. ni lagi la nak lari2. kalau sakit tu memang worth it la sebab dapat tiket flight retun pergi korea. Hahahaha. Tahniaaaah Aliza :)

    1. Hi Iday. hehe. thank youuu. tu la. tak sngka pun menang. tgk tgk dpt masuk final. alhamdullilah :)

  2. cool gila youuu lari dgn heels! haha! congrats babe!

    1. hehe. kan Najaa! mcm one in a life time experience. thanks darling *kissy emoticon*