Saturday, March 18, 2017

Be you with the BeMe Campaign | RIBENA

The BeMe Campaign by Ribena
Moving in a fast-paced world, we all have our dream role-models to keep up with that we unintentionally tend to forget to be ourselves. This leading Suntory Beverages and Food Malaysia Sdn Bhd to call all Malaysians to release the true you in their new Sparkling Ribena BeMe Campaign. In today's era, we have to face many pressures and expectations in life to conform to social expectations that lead to often little time or opportunity to simply be ourselves. Won't you agree? Even I have days when I'm down in the dumps when I don't reach the expectation to my peers, but that's what the BeMe campaign is all about, it's about time you give yourself a chance to be yourself.

(Left to Right) Lee Hon Tong, Regional General Manager for Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, SBFM, Elizabeth Tan, Sparkling Ribena® Ambassador and Rodney Tan, Head of Marketing, Suntory Beverage and Food Malaysia officiating the launch of the Sparkling Ribena® BeMe Campaign

Believe it or not, popular local singer-songwriter Elizabeth Tan was also introduced as the new Sparkling Ribena Ambassador at the event where she performed the Sparkling Ribena BeMe Campaign official song which attendees were lucky enough to see her sing live on stage. In conjunction with the campaign, Elizabeth Tan shared her experience where she finds joy in embracing her priceless BeMe moments. "Over the years, I have always believed that I express myself best in songs by staying true to myself and my break came as a result of embracing my very own musical style," said Elizabeth Tan.

Featuring the current Sparkling Ribena Flavours
Elizabeth Tan creating her Sparkling Lizzy drink
Doesn't it look good? 
If you haven't heard, the Sparkling Ribena currently comes in 3 flavours, original, 'apple & blackcurrant' and 'orange & blackcurrant'. We were given the chance to creatively create our own mocktails during the launch too. Elizabeth also created her original Sparkling Lizzy where it's a mixture of Sparkling Ribena Blackcurrant, a tablespoon of lime juice, two pieces of asam boi and fresh mint leaves, inspired by her passion for music and her active lifestyle. I gave it a try myself, and it tasted rather refreshing! I didn't know that it was that easy to create your own mocktail with Sparkling Ribena. YAS! Time to try out more fusions when i'm at home. hehe

For some citrusy flavours, you should try the orange and blackcurrant Sparkling Ribena
My personal favourite, The Sparkling Ribena in Apply and Blackcurrant
As part of the Sparkling Ribena BeMe Campaign, a combi van will be cruising around the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya to encourage Malaysians to unleash their inner personalities. Elizabeth will also be sharing some of her many BeME moments online and will be appearing in 3 Sparkling Ribena Videos which will go live by the end of March 2017. Be sure to keep yourself updated by following the campaign through Ribena Malaysia Facebook page.

I think a good example of my BeMe moment would be when I'm singing out loud when I'm stuck in traffic and in the car alone. LOL. Do share with me your BeMe moments too as I would love to know what the true you loves to do. Hehe. The Sparkling Ribena can is currently retailing at a recommended price of RM2.20 and is available at hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets and convenience stores/kiosk nationwide.


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