Sunday, March 19, 2017

XOX Mobile X Universal Music Malaysia | Rewards Subscribers

XOX Mobile Collaborates with Universal Music Malaysia
Don't we all love music? Imagine a telco-line that give you just that. XOX Mobile and Universal Music Malaysia have formed a first-of-its-kind partnership to deliver innovative digital music content as part of XOX Mobile's focus to reward their loyal subscribers. This is the first collaboration that Universal Music Malaysia has considered throughout South East Asia making it a huge occasion to celebrate. Find out more about XOX Mobile's by reading more deets below.

Featuring celebrity friends, Bunkface, Fazura and ThomasJack
With this post being out, it means that the ONEXOX Universal Music Starter pack (a.k.a ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack) has been launched together with ONEXOX Friends MTV VJ and singer Fazura, pop-rock group Bunkface and popular singing & acting duo ThomasJack. The ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack will give you unparalleled access to digital music and music showcases. This includes special ticket offers, artists merchandise and exclusive experiences of meet and greets, up-close encounters with local and international artists within the Universal Music family. I don't know about you, but if you ask me, this would be an opportunity to take if you're fans of any celebrity under Universal Music.

The official strategic partnership ceremony
Special rates and discounts for XOX Mobile subscribers
This would be a dream to music lovers as the ONEMUSIC Edition Started Pack includes special offers on concert and showcase tickets organised by Universal Music Malaysia as well as attractive discount deals on their products at selected CD-Rama outlets and Lazada. Users will also be invited to artist workshops and flyaways, along with first-hand exclusivity on all their latest updates, upcoming concerts and pre-release purchases. SAY WHAT?! Yes, even I'm excited! During the launch, I also heard that if you're a fan of Fazura, you can score yourself an exclusive date with her too. Who knows you might end up being best friends with your favourite celebrity?

How to get started with ONEXOX

Purchase your simcard online!
The ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack can be purchased via with free delivery nationwide and via Universal Music Malaysia's distribution channels. Sharing a little personal perspective, the XOX Mobile is catered to those who are young at heart, and getting younger despite time moving forward. XOX Mobile believes that digital content is important and their digital platform would be a channel of delivery for the subscribers.

Nik Qistina, uprising singer from Universal Music Malaysia
Be invited to exclusive events by ONEXOX
With the ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack, subscribers will enjoy exciting money can't buy experiences with Universal Music artist much like when selected XOX MOBILE subscribers were given the opportunity to play in a futsal tournament with the members of Bunkface in conjunction with the band's 10th-anniversary concert last year. (Not that you get the chance to do that on a regular day). These experiences will give music lovers and fans a chance to connect directly with their favourite musicians by giving special access and privileges to Universal Music's stellar line-up of artists.

Launching the collaboration ceremony
Time to change my simcard to ONEXOX
Be sure to check out for more deets and for money can't buy offers. A few of my blogger friends are on it and honestly, i've been getting a lot of feedbacks that their line coverage is good. So if you're looking to be constantly connected to the digital world, and tired of slow data being in the way, I think it's about time you change to the XOX mobile for some exciting experiences.

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  1. I actually have the SIM card and don't know where I have kept it! It's time to activate it!!

  2. Holy moly! Discounted price on concerts too???? Which music enthusiast wouldn't want to get this!

  3. Good one! I would love to have one of those. Many goodies tag along with it!

  4. There's a lot of goodies to enjoy. Nice collaboration to promote brand and support music lovers

  5. Wow didn't know they offer such deals. My sister would love it since she's a music person.

  6. Discounted price on concerts? Yeay please!

  7. Thanks for the sharing! It's been a while I heard about XOX Mobile, their deals seems not bad <3

  8. Oh looks like very good deals here! Will surely check out.

  9. Cheers to the share Aliza - they seem to have pretty good deals. Will try and pass this on to my friends who love music in the meantime :)