Thursday, March 30, 2017

[REVIEW] Althea's 10 minute Make Up Box

Whats in my Althea 10 minute Make Up Box
Do you ever have to go through days where you woke up late for a really important meeting, and you only have less than 20 minutes to shower and get ready? I admit that I do have to go through those days, but it was a lot easier when I wasn't a fan of wearing makeup (but being an adult and all, it's kind of necessary to at least look presentable at work). Hehe. Over the weekend Miriam, JQ and I decided to create a fun video incorporating Althea's 10 minutes makeup box. And if you guessed it right, YES, we decided to do a 10 minute make up challenge! But before I show you our challenge, let's see whats in the box.


There are 6 items in total, and i personally have to say that the 4 makeup items that are available in the box are really compact making it super convenient to bring around in your handbag or during your travels. I was actually really excited to discover more on the 4D Pore & Balance Solution cleanser as it sounds like it cleanses and hydrates at the same time. The Gerbera Point Pads were a bonus to me for being so pretty and at the same time perfect for urgent moisturising. The trendy 10 Minute Make Up Box by Althea are going for RM129 at the moment (super worth it) and are still available (last checked 20th March 2017). So hurry and get yours if you want this box!

1 | 4D Pore Balance Foam & Pack

4D Pore & Balance Solution
Close up on the texture
First up we have the 4D Pore Balance Foam & Pack which functions as a clay mask and foam to remove makeup and dead skin cells. To use this, all you need to do is apply this around the face in circular motions and let it dry for about 2-3 minutes. Then gently wash the foam off from in an outward movement. Upon trying this out first, it left my skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. I find it pretty cool that it can be used as a leave-on mask too (which I have yet to try it out).

2| Rich Flower Point Pad / Gerbera

Rich Flower Point Pad
Extremely moisturizing.
Out of everything else in the box, this attracted a lot of attention as the colours were just so bright. If you're in a rush in the morning, this would be your life savior as it replaces your skincare routine. In just 60 seconds, this pad will quickly prepare your skin before you apply makeup. SWEET! I would also like to highlight the fact that it smells like flowers which I found very relaxing. Just a heads up, this would not be recommended to be placed on your eyes or lips.

3| Missha Natural Cover Tension Compact #23

The Misha Natural Cover Tension Compact in #23 
I'd say that the coverage is rather natural
The Missha Natural Cover Tension Compact works as a long lasting makeup base, and this would be the perfect must have when you're in a rush. To save you time, it functions as a creamy foundation and concealer to provide almost full coverage. I was actually surprised to find that this would be my first time seeing a woven net cushion to spread the foundation evenly. Unfortunately, the trendy box only comes with a #23 shade, but don't be alarmed as the shade is spreadable and it blends really well on almost any skin tone! (Check our video out at the end of this post and you'll see what I mean)

4| Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes #01 Berry Chiffon

Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes Skinfood
The colour options 
Swatch test
Among everything that was found in the box, I have to say that this was my favourite item! I was told that the Mineral Sugar Blend eyes can be used as eyeshadow, eyebrow and even eyeliner, AMAZING! It comes in 6 shades featuring berry paste, milk berry, whip butter, cocoa powder, brown sugar and choco chip which will guarantee to make my eyes looks super yummy and chic. I love how it's multifunctional and it's easy to bring around as its super compact and it comes with a tiny brush for blending purposes.

5| Lux Dual Stick #1. Contouring Stick

Luxe Dual Stick 01
I've always wanted a contouring stick, and I'm so happy to say that I finally own one! Contour sticks are well known to be super convenient as its really fast to apply and spread if you're in a rush. This contour stick comes with a bronze coloured shading stick to help define your features, and also a highlighter stick on the other end to brighten dull parts of the skin (especially the undereye area). I like how it's really easy to be brought around in a really compact stick and it's a plus point as I won't need to worry about it cracking when I'm travelling. YAS

6| Long Lasting Lip Lacquer

Blingsome Lip Lacquer
Swatch test.
Last but not least would be the Long Lasting Lip Lacquer in shade #04 Dusty Coral. The box comes in either the shade of Dusty Coral or Burgundy, so the shades are given by luck as you won't know what shade you'll receive. I was kinda hoping to get the Burgundy shade but instead, I was surprised that the Dusty Coral suited my skin tone really well. I'm amazed at the fact that it looks like a lipstick, but to use this, all you need to do is twist the bottom to get the lacquer to come out on the top. Psst, this can be used as a cheek tint too.

Now that you know what's in Althea's 10 Minute MakeUp Box, time to watch Miriam, JQ and me in an exciting video we decided to make over the weekend! It was really nice for JQ to have us both on her channel, and I have to say that we had tonnes of fun creating this video. I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it. Teehee!

Sara ♥


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