Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dynasty Restaurant at Renaissance KL is now Pork-Free

Come dine at Dynasty Restaurant (Now Pork-Free)
Craving for authentic Chinese cuisine but find it hard to find a place which is pork-free? Well here's a huge announcement that I have to make as Dynasty Restaurant and Renaissance KL has recently converted into a pork-free restaurant. Out of concern, I'm sure you might be wondering if this restaurant is halal? Well, I was told that the meat used to cook the dishes are 100% halal certified, but unfortunately, the restaurant cant get the halal certification has they still serve alcohol. But if you don't mind the alcohol being served, lets check out the food served!

Meet Chef Kok Chee Kin, Award Winning Executive Chef
Discover the innovative and exciting flavours which have been creatively put together by the award-winning Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin, as he provides a wide selection of authentic and delectable Cantonese delicacies which are available from the A La Carte Menu and a complete range of delicious Dim Sum to please every palate. And guess what, I even managed to get a shot with the chef, and I think some of you main find him leng zhai (handsome). Tehee.

Interior shot
Spacious with round tables, a very typical Chinese culture
Diners are Dynasty can choose from appetisers to barbequed and roasted specialities including soups and seafood along with poultry and vegetarian dishes. From meat cravings to live seafood, the food will be prepared according to the diner's preference as well as a range of clay pot dishes. And you won't have to worry about if its authentic, cause I was even told that the chef has over 20 years of experience when it comes to preparing authentic Chinese cuisine.


3 Fried Dim Sum / 3 Steamed Dim Sum

3 Fried Dim Sum: Crispy Prawn toast with sesame, Chrispy chive biscuit filled with shrimp and the pan-seared Shanghai dumpling
3 Steam Dim Sum: the prawn wonton with chilli vinaigrette, minced chicken dumpling topped with dried scallop, and the green dragon chive dumplings
So, while I was there, I tried their array of 3 Fried Dim Sum and 3 Steam Dim Sum, and I was rather shocked on much I loved it! Talking about the Fried Dim Sum Array first, I have to say that these were fried to perfection, where we had the Crispy Prawn toast with sesame, Chrispy chive biscuit filled with shrimp and the pan-seared Shanghai dumpling. These were not over fried and I was surprised to find out that its not too oily too! And not to forget the array of steam dim sum, we had the prawn wonton with chili vinaigrette, minced chicken dumpling topped with dried scallop, and the green dragon chive dumplings. Mmm just talking about it makes me want more as the ingredients were really fresh when I had a bite of these dim sums.

[APPETIZER] Deep Fried Oysters

Deep Fried Oysters
To slowly build our appetite, I and my accompany had the deep fried oysters for appetisers and I have to say that the presentation left my jaw dropping. I have to give credit to the chef for the amazing presentation that makes the dish look like as if its fresh from the sea. I usually like my oysters raw and fresh and this was actually my first time trying it fried instead. Did it taste good? YES! I don't usually judge a book by its cover, but this literally tasted like how it looks. Mmmm.

Barbequed Dishes | Seafood Favourites

Barbequed chicken with glazed honey sauce
Baked cod Portuguese Style
And as for the main dishes, we had the barbequed chicken with glazed honey sauce which tasted sweet and juicy despite the idea of it being barbequed. Being a malaysian, I would have to say that this dish is the traditional chinese dish as they have sweet taste buds compared to some cultures. (A MUST TRY) And to compliment the sweetness, we also had the Baked Cod Portuguese Style which added some spice to our menu. This has to be the ideal Malaysian dish that you can only found in Malaysia as it has a slight influence from the Malacca Chinese culture. So take a bite of this to have a taste of history.

Poultry | Beef, Venison & Lamb

Aromatic duck breast with tea leaf
Oriental grilled lamb with Mongolian sauce, sauteed greens & diced mango
Chinese Fried Rice
Anybody here a fan of duck? We also ordered the aromatic duck breast with tea leaf which was an interesting infusion to me. Its no wonder why its called the aromatic duck as the aroma just fills the room once its set on the table. If you like the purity taste of poultry, im sure you would enjoy this dish. Another dish we had was the oriental grilled lamb with mongolian sauce, sauteed greeens & diced mango, which had a very interesting combination of flavours in a dish. Not to forget that the dish was kept juicy despite it being grilled too. This complimented our Chinese fried rice really well.

[Claypot] Poached Fish Fillet with Ginger Soup and Chili

Poached Fish Fillet with Ginger Sup and Chili
Last but not least, we had the poached fish fillet with ginger soup and chilli in clay pot which was presented while it was still boiling. I loved how it was served in a stone pot to keep the dish super hot for at least the next 20 minutes. This dish had a really strong gingery taste (so this is a warning if you don't like ginger) but of course, I'm not a fan of ginger tea, but the dish was acceptable by my palate.  A little spicy to some, but I love how its full of flavours and has benefits for the body. Did you know that ginger helps you to detox the body?

[DESSERT] Sweetened Mango Puree with Sago and Pomelo

Sweetened Mango Puree with Sago and Pomelo
And whats a meal without desserts? To end our meal, we had the sweetened mango puree with sago and pomelo which tasted amazing. Not too sweet, and not too blend, thus making it the perfect dessert to enjoy as you end your meal with friends and family while dining at Dynasty Restaurant. Being a fan towards desserts, I was wowed by the fact that their sago was prepared to perfection and I really enjoyed the texture of pomelo dancing in my mouth. If I had a choice to order a second round, I would definitely would!

Opening Hours
Enjoy a cup of Chinese Tea at Dynasty
So there you have it ladies and gents, Dynasty Restaurant at Renaissance KL is now Pork-Free, making it the ideal location to bring your friends or colleagues of all racest to enjoy a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine. Would I come back again? YES! I really can't wait to re-visit with my other friends to enjoy the delicious meal prepared by Chef Kok Chee Kin. Thank you so much for reading my humble blog post, do share me your thoughts below if you have the time. xx


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