Tuesday, March 21, 2017

[REVIEW + GIVEAWAY] MYC Skincare | Handmade Soap in Malaysia

Reviewing the MYC Skincare
Good morning, have y'all are having a good week ahead. If you are looking for customised handmade goods (handmade soaps to be more specific) or just basically anything that's handmade with love, well let me tell you a thing or two about MYC Skincare. MYC Skincare products are 100% vegetarian are very eco-friendly as they minimise as much wastage on packaging as much as possible. Ingredients in making their products have no synthetic chemical and if you're thinking of getting custom made soaps, as door gifts, wedding gifts or simply a gift for someone you care about, it's about time you see what MYC Skincare has to offer.


Basil Mint Body Soap / RM25
Here I have for review for today's post would be one of their newly launched Basil Mint body soap which I have to say smells heavenly! The bar was personally sent over to me which I think it was really sweet of the talented soap maker to come all the way. The bar soap came with no plastic packaging (super eco-friendly) and it was really cute that it was wrapped in brown paper with a small handwritten note that states the type of bar soap, the weight and the pricing of the soap. It's always good to see handmade items being made entirely handmade cause you'll eventually know that they've taken so much effort to produce this.

Loving the texture of it
Anyways, it's always more exciting to find out how these soaps were made and since I had the privilege to get to meet the soapmaker in person she was kind enough to spend some of her time to explain to me. To make the Rustic Basil Mint Soap, the soap maker had to cook the soap batter for almost an hour, with constant supervision (cause we wouldn't want it to be overcooked). The batter is split into half, naturally coloured in each of the portions by Activated Charcoal and Yellow Clay, to make sure its refreshing, cleansing and moisturising. Just the characteristics any bar soap should have!

Foams really well too!
The idea of handmade products is that I love that how each bar soap has its own unique build. Perfect squares or rectangled bar soaps are boring, and looking at mine really makes me appreciate the shape more. I was told that it contains Olive Oil and Coconut Oil to moisturise and nourish the skin, while the yellow clay ingredients are recommended for all skin types as it's restorative for tired and neglected skin (indeed what I need desperately), and the activated charcoal ingredients acts as a detoxing agent for the skin. Basil Mint Essential oil fights bacteria and infection, reducing inflammation, preventing radical damages, viruses and relieves congestion. I honestly never knew what a bar of soap can do until the soap maker told me. Makes me feel that handmade bar soaps are being taken for granted nowadays :(

Every purchase you can request to get this for free !
With the bubble pouch it lathers really well
OH before I forget, every bar soap bought comes with a bubble pouch which helps to foam up your bar, but if you prefer receiving your bar soap without the bubble pouch, you can always request to not include it in your parcel. As a verdict, I would say that this handmade soap is well made to cleanse, moisturise and indeed de-stressing thanks to the refreshing aroma. This would definitely be a great gift to get for someone close or maybe might as well get it for yourself at RM25 for 100g! I'd say that its really reasonable as a bar would roughly last me a month or two. Hehe


Stand a chance to win a trail set of MYC Skincare Handmade Soaps
Good news! Thanks to MYC Skincare, they've decided to provide some presents for 4 lucky readers (that's you!). If you love handmade soaps, and if you're a strong supporter towards local Malaysian brands, be sure to join this giveaway like pronto as you may stand a chance to win yourself a trail set of MYC Skincare Handmade Soaps (4 winners)! Now to win this, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

1| Like and Follow MYC Skincare via Facebook / Instagram
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It's that simple! So what are you waiting for? I will be choosing 4 lucky winners for this giveaway, so be sure to leave a legit comment on this blog post telling me why you deserve to win this. The giveaway ends on the 31st of March 2017, and winners will be announced on the 1st of April 2017. JOIN NOW! I wish you all the best and I can't wait to announce to you the winners. Good luck! 

Sara xx


  1. Hi my name is muhammad hazeeq and i deserves to win this as i take it as an official getaway call fron the chemical bar soaps that congested the market nowadays and turned into this 100% greener and eco-friendly bar soap beside taking opportunity to tryout this wonderful soap as it claims that to relief skin inflammation as i often faced during my work time as well as nourishes my skin after a long, hard work..

    Btw my email would be hazeeq_rahman@yahoo.com

  2. i also bought some handmade soap recently. But haven't try on it yet. But don't know why, handmade soap always look so "delicious". Haha

  3. i love handmade soaps because it personalised and also very attractive.

  4. I prefer handmade soaps as I believe in supporting locally made products and instrumentally reducing waste through eliminating plastic packaging. I like that the products are aligned with my goals to becoming zero waste and would like to try whether the soaps can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner (I.e shampoo too).

    Yi Ping (k.yiping@gmail.com)

  5. Wow! This handmade soap looks amazing for usage :) all the best to the participants to win the set ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  6. Looks really good Aliza - absolutely love handmade soaps on my end too. In the meantime, all the best to those who are participating!

  7. Love handmade soap as it's usually natural and gentle to the skin, really great for people like me who suffer eczema! what's even better is that it's a local brand!

    name: qian
    e-mail: gengqian.choo@gmail.com

  8. Babe!!! I would so love to try out their handmade soap! I definitely need something that is relaxing and by your description..this sounds perfect for de-stressing! Can I please get one? And thank you for introducing this to me.

    Name: Yana
    Email: absoluteyana@gmail.com

  9. Wah. I want one too! Please let me have one of those because its very hard to find one products that is natural and chemical-free and I am sure this was the soap that I've been looking for. I love it even its a homemade, but they still offer wide range of product to different skin condition and the best part is we can use it as facial cleanser and body wash too. Well done MYC Skincare!

    Name: Zayani Zulkiffli
    Email: thisislife.me@gmail.com

  10. Hi i want to try the handmade soap because i love products that are made with natural ingredients and i bet it smells great too.

    We should support our local products more and i will spread the words about this brand surely.

    Name: nora liza
    Email: n.lizanora@gmail.com

    Please select me :)