Thursday, March 2, 2017

[LAUNCH] Whoosh at Sunway Pyramid

Whoosh at Sunway Pyramid
Whoosh has recently launched its latest outlet at Sunway Pyramid and it was indeed an exciting day to remember, making it the 18th outlet to open since its inception in 2015. Being its 18th outlet, im sure they are supported by many trendy eyewear fans throughout Malaysia without a doubt.

A model wearing an eyepiece from Whoosh
When i hear the word whoosh, to me it resembles a movement of gushes through the wind, and whoosh really represents a fashion fast forward brand when it comes to eyewear. Whoosh is a subsidiary under Focus Point, has emerged to become a full grown fashion eye-wear which has been well received by almost any fashionable individuals.

Some standard desings
Some trendy designs of eyepiece by Whoosh
When it comes to eyewear, we have grown to love the idea of 'open concept' eyewear and Whoosh being among the first few open concept eyewear retailers in Malaysia, they have build a strong demand from the public in Malaysia. Its not hard to see why it has become a big demand, as they aim to have a unique stress-free experience which encourages consumers to try on and feel the eyewear products without being approached or harassed by shop assistants. Dont we all hate it when we start feeling harassed. *rolls eyes*

Trying out some pieces for myself
With Whoosh, it would be a hassle free shopping experience as believe in giving consumers the freedom, space and openness which has a very strong appeal to the younger generation with high fashion consciousness. Not to forget that Whoosh even offers affordable eyewear packages that is something consumers can appreciate.

Models modeling Whoosh's eyepiece
Loving how trendy this eyepiece looks
Models modeling Whoosh's eyepiece
Imagine having your spectacles being ready within half an hour to an hour, by the time you finished enjoying your cup of coffee nearby, your spectacles are done? Mmhmm. Fast service i like! With life becoming too fast paced and busy, theres just so much activities to juggle at one time. Thus the brand is made to suit those who are living in the modern fast-paced lifestyles, trendsetters and eyewear fashionistas. With Whoosh, now everyone can own a fashionable, stylish eyewear in just a Whoosh. Geddit? *wink*

A fancy piece i was eyeing on
Wont you agree that the price is really affordable?
Loving this marble inspired piece
In conjunction with the launch of Whoosh today, Whoosh also introduced a campaign called 'Whoosh, Eye Am Stylish!' 2017. With a wide range of designs in 5 distinctive styles, 4 fixed affordable prices and a great team of professional optometrists, you would be spoilt with choices!The launched ended with a fashion show conducted to bring out the essence of Whoosh's latest & most attractive, unique series of eyewear under 5 categories, featuring sunnies, trendy, urban, vintage and young ranges. For more updates, be sure to check out their site at

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