Friday, March 17, 2017

[BEAUTY] Watsons WATER360's new look!

Watsons launched the WATER360
We all know that Watson's has been known as Asia's leading health and beauty retailer launched its most successful own skincare brand range presenting with its new revamped look. WATER360 was introduced to me in early 2016, and I found it exciting to find out that they gave the WATER360 a brand new look. To celebrate the occasion, we had top singing duo sensation, FS who collaborated with the brand with the release of its latest single. The new look of WATER360 by Watsons is helmed by its three sources of mineral water, six types of minerals and zero mineral oil to complete the upgraded range.

FS performing their latest single at the Watsons WATER360 launch
Officially launching the occasion.

It was a truly exciting occasion to watch the singing duo, FS who sang their latest single 'You Ni Zhen Hao' which the music video was shot in collaboration with WATER360 by Watsons. Since the release of the music video was shot in collaboration with WATER360 by Watsons. I've attached the video above for your convenience too! Since the release of the music video on social media, it has reached more than 600,000 views. Both FS also sang a jingle for WATER360 by Watsons which also now enjoys heavy airplay on leading national radio stations.

Oh look, its me casually checking out the products
But among everything, we even had a product experience session where we were given a chance to try the product out. The new WATE360 by Watsons with mineral spring water-lock soothing and hydrating aqua face system combines the three sources of mineral water to refresh and moisturise the skin. While the six types of minerals including zinc, sodium, iron, calcium, magnesium and silicon which helps to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin.

Testimonial sharing with some influencers
The product range
The star product of the range.

They event have face masks too!
At the launch, Watsons Malaysia invited top influencers to personalities, Wil Beh, Kelly Chin, Fish Fong and Shini Lola to share their experience after using the new range of WATER360 by Watsons. I would share everything that they had to say if I could, but to keep it short, the products by WATER360 has been proven to hydrate the skin with its well-formulated ingredients to help the strengthen the skin from environmental damages. I'm personally amazed by the innovative cream mask formula that transforms into water droplets when applied. YES, I said water droplets.

And there you have it!
I honestly cant wait to share my review with you on the WATER360 range and if you happen to be at Watsons stores, be sure to check the range out! The new WATER360 by Watsons retail price is from RM8.90 to RM63 and available in store and online at At really affordable prices, its hard to resists!

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  1. this is exciting! Another Watson skincare i would love to try :) Goign to Watsons now!

  2. so sad i couldn't join the event that day =( looks so much fun and i love the blue blue theme so much XD wish to try out their products too!

  3. Hey Sara! The products look really good! I haven't seen it in Watsons in Singapore and hope they have it soon!

  4. The packaging of the products looks so refreshing. i am most interested with the mask sheet actually

  5. OMG..i feel so refreshed just by looking at your post..the amount of blues n whites in this post...hehehhe..hurmmm since it is more water base...i should try this out....

  6. Ah ha! I saw myself in this post! *shy shy* Really love their product a lot!

  7. I really like how look these cosmetics and the whole event scenography.

  8. Hey nice to meet you there, their hydration sleeping mask is awesome.

  9. Hope to see water 360 here in Watsons! Would love to try it.

  10. Looks nice! Will definitely check it out in watsons. Thanks for sharing