Thursday, March 16, 2017

Improve your Online Business by understanding FB ads | Malaysia

SifuFBads is here to guide you on your online marketing strategies
In the world of technology, the opportunities are limitless when it comes to improving your online business. Unfortunately, about 80% of business owners do not take advantage on what technology has to offer, especially via Facebook. Thanks to sifufbads Sdn Bhd, they've done their research from 2015 to 2016 and found that there are many business owners have not fully utilised the usage of facebook. Oh no. Are you one of them?

'There are various opportunities when it comes to online businesses which may help you increase in profit, required if you know how to fully utilise it.' 
- Jamaluddin Bahari, SifuFBads Sdn Bhd Managing director.

Earlier this year, SifuFBads had organised the 'Siri Jelajah FBads 2017' in Johor Bharu on the 18th of February and in Kota Bharu on the 11th of March which has attracted a lot of attention to those who are seeking for mode advice on facebook ads. And with that, SifuFBads decides to continue their seminar conference in Pulau Pinang on the 22nd of April, Kuala Lumpur on the 29th of April, Shah Alam on the 6th of May, Kota Kinabalu, Kuantan and Ipoh which they have yet to confirm the dates.

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For those who are interested in understanding Facebook ads, good news! You can sign up online and get the '7 Steps FB ads' for free which has been specially prepared by SifuFBads. So if you're interested in getting this book for free, all you need to do is to head on over to Also please note that the book is fully written in Malay. This book explains on utilising facebook ads the right way, understanding your audience and competition, not to forget to also understand the demand for your products. Sounds very informative to me. I managed to flip a few pages on the book, and i found it extremely interesting to read on the tips given.

Being an entrepreneur myself, it doesn't really matter how much money you have, cause at the end of the day, if you don't maximise what you have the right way, everything would go to waste. Thus its very important to have knowledge on facebook ads where you have to be very careful in taking a risk as time and duration may affect your objectives. Yikes! With the world moving at such a fast pace, every advertisement has to be a risk that creates an impact on the audience.

During the Press Conference at KL Tower
Typical mistakes done by Business owners
As a conclusion, it's very much important to have knowledge on how to properly utilise social media to help you gain confidence in your business. And once you're confident with what you're doing, this drive will bring you further into to reaching your goals in terms of business. Effandy is very sure that with his guidance, entrepreneurs would take his advice and improve on business. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to follow Sibufbads facebook page and keep yourself updated for the next 'Siri Jelajah Sifufads 2017' where they will guide you in going for the right strategy, technique and at the same time making sure that your investment is worthwhile. The Siri Jelajah starts at a rate of RM150 per person, so if you're interested in joining, be sure to sign up as seats are usually limited.

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  1. I need this workshop! Wish to grow my FB page huhu

  2. I would like the free copy of the book. I hope they have an English version soon!

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