Saturday, March 4, 2017

Puma's latest Spring and Summer 2017 Collections

Presenting Puma's latest Spring and Summer Collection for 2017
I was more than happy to be a part of an exclusive press event unveiling the Sping/Summer 2017 collections which will be made available this year. Being a sporty person myself, i do have those days where i seek for alternative outfits that are much more outgoing, fun and exciting, and with Puma, you can never go wrong with your outfits to compliment an outgoing personality. In this years Spring Summer collection, Puma features the Swan Pack collection, the Mostro, the Future Is Female collection, the Ignite Collection and so much more! Scroll to check out the collections now.

PUMA Swan Pack Collection 

Puma continues their commitment to inspire women everywhere to stay true to themselves with this seasons follow up to the brands 'DO YOU' campaign featuring the dancers of the New York City Ballet in the new PUMA Swan Pack Collection. Bringing the Swan Pack story to life are Mimi Staker and Olivia Boisson of the New York City Ballet who serve as heroines in the campaign.

The collection design adds some attitude while mixing training-ready technology with street- ready style. The collection also features mixed performance and style with a form- fitting silhouette that features a cross back top for that sleek look. Lifestyle options come in sport-inspired pieces infused with fashion when it comes to the PUMA Swan Pack Colletion.

The Mostro

Among the Sportystyle line up is Mostro, Caraux and Basket Heart. A Must-have! 
The Mostro features a new minimalistic design that gives a new dimension to the OG silhouette which brings back the  cleaner and sleeker look. WHen it debuted in the 90s, the PUMA Mostro, has become one of the most uncoventional trend pieces in the last few decadesand in this season, PUMA payes tribute to the OH's disruptive silhouette by reimagining it in a lightweight and minimalistic style.

The new PUMA Mostro shoe, features an advanced ultra-light midsole combined with a minimalistic upper and an updated zigzagging closure system. With a sleeker execution of the OG outsole combined with new lightweight materials in the upper, the new Mostro has a comtemporary and understated look that promises an ultra-comfortable feel.  A fusion of fashion and functionality, the new Mostro is a versatile statement piece in every wardrobe. It fits seamlessly with high fashion and streetwear pieces as seen styled by tastemakers on the streets at fashion week.

The Spring/Summer Collection

PUMA Future Is Female. 
The collection also feature the Puma Future is Female as the collection encourages women to be ivated and unwilling to compromise on anything from their personal style and workouts their life. Thus i personally love the pastel scheme touch to the collection making it super trendy for the modern women of todays era. Im already eying on some pieces from this collection.

The Ignite LImitless and IGNITE 3 evoKNIT, tailored to stand up
And some features for the men, Puma will be launching the latest IGNITE collection which has been designed to built to equip versatile runners who knows no limits. The design has also been tailored to stand up to the stop-and-go of city living with stylish details. I dont know about you, but other than being fuctional for sports, its also find the designs featured in this collection is very much versatile for everyday wear too! 

The CAREAUX X PUMA collaboration. 
I also got an upclose look on the limited edition collacoration collection between CAREAUX X Puma as the collection is imbued with the designers signature romantic and colouful illustration with bold Japanese graphics. This piece made some of our jaws drop as its a one of a kind piece. Its not everyday that you get to see a sporty design with Japanese graphics huh? 

PUMA select label.
Well, thats about it. I honestly cant wait for the collection to be released into stores soon! Have you picked your favourite piece yet? If you spotted a few pieces you wish to own, please do leave a comment below as i would love to know. Hehe. My personal selected piece would be the CARAUX X PUMA, cause i love how sporty yet traditional it looks. You really dont come by with designs like these on a regular day. For more updates on the collection, be sure to check out!


  1. These sports clothing look very modern. PUMA is a good brand.

  2. Love the line for Puma Future- it looks very edgy. The silhouette also frames the cut nicely, will certainly check it out.

  3. The collection is really nice and wearable not only at the gym but great for like heading outdoors cos it looks so stylish and functional

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