Thursday, March 16, 2017

[REVIEW] Valentines dinner 2017 || Chez Leoniel

Our Valentine's Dinner at Chez Leoniel
So with valentines being a massive celebration to celebrate the season of love, I was thankful to have won myself and my partner a dinner date to dine at the one and only Chez Leoniel located at Francaise Alliance (If you're reading this Leoniel, thank you for picking me as your winner). And it's like a moment of realisation that this happens to be our first 'formal' date together cause we're usually so caught up with our own busy lives. So I shall take this moment to thank Leoniel for giving 'us' the chance to enjoy our time together on the 14th of February 2017.

Our menu for the night
Since we both got glammed up, I decided to share our dining experience by writing it in a blog post, cause really, why not? Teehee. Its located in a small corner in Jalan Gurney which took us a while to find, but thankfully the traffic wasn't as bad as we arrived at the cafè at about 8 pm from PJ. The promotion by the cafè was exclusive to celebrate valentines day, so I really hope this becomes an annual thing each year. As you can see in the image above, the dinner had a special menu for Valentine's day by Chez Leoniel. Excited to find out what we had? Well, scroll away! Now, some of you may be concern whether Chez Leoniel serves halal food. Since he was aware that we were concern about the alcohol content, he was glad enough to clarify to me that ingredients used are halal certified, just that because they use alcohol in some of their dishes which you can opt to have your dish without the alcohol. But I'm happy that he managed to customised our dishes for us to be Muslim-friendly for me and my date. hehe


Potage Dubarry ou créme de chou-fleur (creamed cauliflower soup)
Petite Salad de Mon Jardin (Mixed Garden Salad) - Whoops, we finished it before we managed to take a photo of it. Hehe
Oeufs en cocotte aux tomates (Eggs en cocotte with tomatoes)
As appetisers or 'entres' in french, we had Creamed Cauliflower soup, Mixed Green Salad and Eggs en cocotte with tomatoes. The Creamed Cauliflower soup was definitely something that I never had before, and the taste was rather interesting (creamy but with texture). The Mixed Green Salad complimented the cream Cauliflower soup really well too as the veggies served were super fresh and if I'm not mistaken, it was sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. It was so fresh that we walloped everything and realised that we forgot to take a photo of our dish. LOL. And as for the Eggs en cocotte with tomatoes, I have to say that this really tasted french (not too sure how to explain). Teehee. I and my partner were actually fascinated by the combination of flavours we had as appetisers which made us look forward to getting our main course.

Main Course

Poulet ròti avec pois gourmands (Roasted Chicken with Snow Peas)
For the main course, guest of Chez Leoniel would have 4 options to choose from, but since Chez Leoniel knows that I and my partner aren't fans of alcohol, he suggested that we try the Roasted Chicken with Snowpeas. Despite the dish being roasted, I have to say that the chicken was juicy and filled with flavours. I could taste some black pepper and thyme in the dish, and it wasn't at all overcooked nor overseasoned. Great job Chez Leoniel! To some, you may think that it looks like a small portion, but don't judge too soon as I was already struggling to finish the last 1/4 of the dish as I was full.


Poires a la beaujolaise (Pears in Beaujolais wine)
Chocolate Lava cake
Last but not least would be the best part of any meal, desserts! Unfortunately, the menu served pears in Beaujolais wine, but instead of serving us something with alcohol, Chez Leoniel spiced things up in the kitchen by preparing me and my date's dish that's off the menu. Thanks, Leoniel, it was absolutely sweet of you! When our dessert was served, we were told that the ingredients were entirely from France as if it's baked fresh from France. Hehe. So tadaa, we got ourselves chocolate lava cakes as desserts, and boy it was SO GOOD! Sometimes I wish I had more to eat. This calls for a re-visit? Hehe

Got me a rose *thankyou!
A little message to Chez Leoniel 
As an overall conclusion, I'd say that we really enjoyed ourselves dining at Chez Leoniel. It was an amazing experience to be served food that tasted fresh from France and not to forget the hospitality we got from the staffs. SUPERB! We were never really left unattended and since it was Valentine's day, the ladies got a rose to bring back as a souvenir. YAY! If you're looking for a cosy hideout that's not TOO formal, but a rather of a cosy environment, Chez Leoniel is the place for you to come and enjoy. Psst, you might get lucky by learning a few french words while you're there too *wink

So that's about it! Be sure to visit them by heading to 15, Lorong Gurney, 54100 Kuala Lumpur or alternatively waze yourself there by typing 'Francaise Alliance'.  I believe that if you're looking for affordable French dining, this is the secret hideout instead of paying hundreds for fine dining meals. Do keep yourself updated by checking out their FB page at Chez Léoniel.

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  1. oh my I saw that egg dish and that lava dessert!!!! They looked so yummy and I would love to give them a try gosh!

  2. i still haven't had a chance to try Chef Leoniel's dishes... huhuhuh.. you are so lucky ya