Friday, August 21, 2015

BOH's Cham Party

The latest addition of BOH CHAM and BOH 3in1 Less Sugar.
With the Nations 58th Merdeka just around the corner, BOH decided to throw an amazing Cham Fiesta to celebrate the occasion. And with Cham to highlight a very Malaysian way of enjoying both our coffee and tea. It was held at a private cafe in Bandar Utama on the 20th of August 2015. Being there myself, i can see that there were tons of people who had smiles everyone, looking forward to possibly indulge a sip of their latest 'Cham' which is very new in the market.

Chen Chaw Chang, BOH's Head of Marketing and Export leaving a message at the Party.
Why is this Cham so special that it was the highlight to celebrate Merdeka? Being in a very muti-racial country, CHAM is to represent the diversity and richness of our culture and heritage. (I couldn't agree more!) Which is why, Cham can symbolise Malaysia Truly Asia in so many ways, which the party had a showcase of how Malaysian it can Truly be.

BOH's Head of Marketing and Export, Chen Chaw Chang said, " The BOH CHAM Party highlights the uniqueness of being part of such a mixed heritage. We want people to appreciate their Malaysian identity and BBOH CHAM is an example of our love to CHAM things together. The Teh Tarik and White Coffee fusion depicts our diversity as a nation. From our variety of food to our distinctive cultures, we have learned to appreciate and embrace all things CHAM".

The Venue layout.
Photos of mixed families.
Cham the Sentence the Malaysian way!
We also managed to Cham our own Rojak.
Form the infusion of language, food, beverages, clothing's and even marriages among Malaysia's diverse society into their party deco. And if you don't believe me, check out some of the CHAM spirit out where the venue was decked with so many of truly Malaysian activities.

Special toast to celebrate, accompanied with a cup of Cham! 
To mark Malaysia's 58th Merdeka Day, we all had a special toast to celebrate the occasion! (Who needs champagne when you have CHAM?!) haha. BOH's new sachet variant, BOH CHAM, is a combination of two Malaysian favourite of Teh Tarik and White Coffee. Formulated with Stevia Leaf extract with less sugar.  Definitely an interesting fusion, which offers an instant perfect blend that is healthy and low in calories too! Can enjoying CHAM be any more convenient, especially when it comes in sachets?!

Some "Chamness" Deco.
We also had a photo booth to play around with.
Blogger Misz Ella giving an option to the camera,"tea, coffee or me"? Hehe
Guest were well entertained to celebrate as you can see from the photos above and we also got some photos to bring back too! And we weren't the only one sharing the spotlight with CHAM, there was BOH 3 in 1 Less Sugar which is also the later addition to BOH's already popular 3 in 1 range in Original, Vanilla and Caramel *Drools* Healthier + 25% less sugar.

To launch the event, we had the VIP's dropping the tea and coffee into the bag of BOH CHAM.
BOH Cham ; a mixture of Teh Tarik and White Coffee.
BOH 3 in 1 ; 25% Less Sugar.
So remember, keep yourself updated with the latest addition of BOH which would be the BOH CHAM and BOH 3 in 1 Less Sugar. Both are using the Stevia Lead extract to replace the ingredient of sugar, which is the brands approach to deliver healthier beverage options for consumers. "Stevia Leaf extract is a pure plant extract that is naturally sweet with zero calories which makes it safe for consumption by adults and children" said Chen.

The BOH CHAM Party was truly a memorable event as every guest left with a smile on their faces while also taking back the best gifts of all; being patriotic Malaysian and valuing our delightful 'CHAM' nation. Thank you BOH for creating such great memories to remember and of course, with such a theme, its definitely a must to make new friends too! Great company, with amazing Cham to end our day.

BOH CHAM and BOH 3in1 Less Sugar are priced at RM14.30 for 12 sachets and RM19.90 for 18 sachets respectively. Do enjoy your favourite and healthier BOH tea now! Thanks for dropping by to discover some seriously patriotic tea.

About BOH Plantations

Boh Plantations is the largest tea-growing company in Malaysia with 1,200 hectares of tea gardens both in highlands and lowland areas. BOH is also the nations leading brand of black tea, consistently offering exceptional quality and exquisite flavours in each carefully sealed package.

For more than 85 years and over a cup of BOH team we have brought together generations of multi-cultural Malaysian from all walks of life to bond and share special moments. AS a Malaysian brand, we have stayed true to our promise of connecting people in an authentically Malaysian way to 'Share the Ummph!'.

Much love,
Sara xx


  1. I love cham also ooh. Such a long long time I didn't try out BOH tea already, I should get BOHs cham during this weekend during grocery shopping!

  2. Hopefully it won't be too sweet :-/ Will make a random attempt to taste the new release by BOH!

  3. Boh is all my time fav!
    Cute LA kak Ella hihi

    Kolin zainal

  4. i love BOH tea! Boh Cham can make rojak also, great ^^
    betwee, i have follow ur Google+ and Insta. do follow me back :)

  5. Gonna check it out since I have recently started liking cham. If it is yummeh...hehehe I can have my own cham fix easily in the office even when the kopitiam in my building is closed!

  6. Always heard good things about Boh, this Cham sounds very interesting. Mix of tea and white coffee..must try it out some time :D

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    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  8. hahaha, that last picture, with the two person standing behind in props. It actually made me laugh out loud, cute.

  9. BOH tea is my favorite! Cham is new...Make me interest to try it out! ;)

  10. wow cham family also featured? do you feel at home there? i always like to order cham in coffee shops also, now can have it at home nice

  11. A mixture of Teh Tarik & White Coffee? Would love to try that BOH Cham soon!

  12. I not so into coffee. So I still prefer the original Boh Tea

  13. Such a fun filled party! Let's drink tea!~ Boh-Tea!

  14. Boh tea is such a staple tea time must have :p especially when my granny makes little cakes and scones for us.. Awesome & fun filled event , btw :)

  15. I'm more into Lipton and TWG but these doesn't looks half bad. :) maybe will try it if I stumble upon it in the grocery store.

  16. Thanks for sharing! Will try it 1 day. Hehe

  17. Thanks for sharing! Will try it 1 day. Hehe

  18. Thanks for sharing! Will try it 1 day. Hehe

  19. A funny event ^^ BOH Tea is a well known brand!!

  20. omg BOH Tea!!! I like BOH blackcurrant tea, but it is not available in Singapore anymore.. Is it available in M'sia?

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