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La Biosthetique’s Scalp Treatment at Andy Ho Haute Coiffure

Andy Ho Haute Coiffure, Pavillion.
Let's see. Not too sure where exactly to start,  but hey! On a very fine day, i decided to try out a scalp treatment at Andy Ho Haute Coiffure after the press launch of La Biosthetique earlier in April. And i know, that was like 4 months ago, and finally i was happy enough to get my treatment while i still had the time to.

A very chic European setting.
La Biosthetique Tea
This particular salon is very La Biosthetique, in terms that its bright with clean white interior with a slight touch of vintage European. Very relaxing ambiance, and the staff there were very friendly to assist me the minute i walked in. And since i made a booking before getting my treatment, the minute i was seated at their salon, i was instantly served with La Biosthetique's special tea, with a magazine to accompany me during the whole duration.

The even explained my scalp problem after doing a scan check.
BAD NEWS! my scalp has blockage damage :(
Before we started my stlist of the day was Max who had a really cool gadget to show me the condition of my scalp. And from the looks of it, Max said my scalp looks clogged *sad face*. And from just looking at my scalp, he already could tell what my lifestyle is like, and you guessed it! Active & always outdoors, thus the results. Im sorry for mistreating you scalp. Time to treat you right!

The product that i'll be using for the treatment.
Some Pre-treatmenr solution was applied to my scaltp
So, before the treatment started, Max was very professional to explain to me what and why is my scalp in bad shape. And also showed me the products from La Biosthetique that he would be using while explaining the benefits of what each product does. He also said that my scalp would usually follow my skin type which is a combination of oily+dry skin. CRIES! This means my head has oily and dry skin too. More bad news #sigh

Pre-tratment to soften my dead skin on my scalp.
After a nice hair wash cleans.

But that should be expected i guess. I have to admit that my lifestyle has been pretty hectic lately and with the sun in Malaysia, it can be pretty hot. GOOD NEWS is that Max told me that this can be treated thanks to La Biosthetique. Im thankful that I'm not in the hair loss category, thus my hair can still be saved.

My treatment went through 4 procedures:-

+ starting with a head massage,
+ the pre-treatment,
+ the cleansing and
+ the actual scalp treatment that will reduce blockage on my scalp

2nd check after the treatment.
No more blokages!
After the treatment was done, we had another check to see how my scalp is doing. And guess what?! No more blockages! Thank you for saving my scalp Max! The treatment took around an hour and a half since every procedure was properly given well attention to make sure that you walk out of the salon with your problem solved. My hair felt really light and healthy too the minute Max washed my hair. It literally felt like it was breathing again.

Time to blow dry into curls!
Maintaing treatment.
Max was also nice enough to offer me a blow dry with curls at the end using more of products from La Biostetique too! And believe me, La Biosthetique has everything well thought off. From you hair brush, to your tea and even the towels for your hair. I love how much effort was put into giving the best treatment to pamper your hair every once in a while.

All dolled up to go for more shopping.
The final outcome made me felt oh so fabulous i must say! Well done with the curls Max. Just the way i like it. I was really having a bad week just before heading to Andy Ho Haute Coiffure, but the massage, before the treatment was the best. Exactly what i needed, and i never knew that going to a scalp treatment can feel so relaxing. Rest assured, you will not walk out of this Salon looking like you're in a mess.

With the fabulous Max for getting me looking so good. Thanks again max!
I really can't wait for my next treatment! Max told me that the Scalp treatment is good enough to last you a month, and eventually once your problem is cured, you wont need to go as often anymore. A really great experience and if you think that you have some 'serious scalp' problems. Why not drop by at any La Biosthetique Salons yourself? Listed below would be the locations where you can get a La Biosthetique treatment:

La Biosthetique Treatments are available at these locations.
Andy Ho Haute Coiffure offers other treatments too!
The La Biosthetique scalp treatment is priced at RM285. A little pricey for a bachelorette like me, but its worth it if you're planning to treat yourself. If you're deciding to get your treatment done, do share your experiences here with me as i would love to know how well was it for you too :D For more information on La Biosthetique, head on over to their official website at

Hoping this was a fun read.
Till then,
Aliza Sara xx

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  1. Hell there Aliza, thanks for visiting my site! I see that you've had a good time getting your treatment. :D You must be feeling great with you freshen scalp. ahaha. Anyways love your blog and you look really cute, hard to believe that you're actually 22! You look so young haha.