Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Durian in SS2 // Kampung Durian House

The store.
There you have it, i have to admit that I'm a durian lover! And if you stay around SS2, I'm pretty sure you realise that recently the SS2 durian stores has been closed down due to MBPJ raids of inappropriate location causing jam. *SOBS* But along some stores in SS2, theres this 1 shop which sells durian, and just not ordinary durian, they're organic! I present to you Kampung Durian House.

Musang King Ice Cream anyone?
Whats unique about this particular shop would be that they also have Musang King Ice Cream which i wasn't daring enough to try (yet). HAHA. But while i was there, the owners were telling me that its a hit to some visitors who came all the way to enjoy their durian. Definitely my first time seeing Musang King Ice Cream. One cone is priced at RM4.

Baskets of fresh durian!
Where the durians are 'showcased' in this kampung theme stand.
I was told that their durian comes from their own farm which travels all the way daily to serve their consumers fresh durian from their orchard. And those in the baskets are definitely fresh durians! The colours are so pretty! Wait till you see the fruit.

The peak hour crowd enjoying durian.
Tissue and glove available on every table.
The interior is tiled and clean with ceiling fans which is a bonus because even when it rains, you can enjoy your durian in a sheltered environment. And  what i love the most would be that on each table, they will always have tissue and gloves, so that the durian smell won't stick to your hands. HAHA. Love it or hate it, everyone should know how long the scent can be attached to you once you eat it with your hands.

XO durian at RM18 per KG.
Gloves to keep our hands clean.
And tadaa, doesnt the durian look perfectly fresh?! This is XO durian, which was RM18/KG. and this weight around 2.3KG. Fair enough, with the lovely comfortable environment I'm not complaining. Price doesnt differ much to the outdoor durians, and not to forget that its organic! Take note.

This is what i call FRESH DURIAN!
Chilled Coconut juice.
Since durian leaves your body feeling heaty, i ordered the cold refrigerated coconut juice which is super yums! Very cooling and the fruit inside was really easy to scrape out. Just the way i like it.

Some visitors leaving memories at the shop.
Media Press Release.
Durians here are well picked and well taken care off ;)
Before i end my post, i would like to say that organic durians doesnt leave a sick feeling after consuming 'too much' of it, compared to the normal durians. But if you haven't tried organic durian, this is the place to be! Please take note that if you're tempted to try the ice cream, its available through September's end. &, you're welcome ;)

PJ Kampung Durian House
Jalan Harapan, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Daily: 12pm till 12.30am

Till my next post,
Aliza Sara

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