Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Coffee Look #CMHAIRPARTY

Official Banner.
So, were you at the #CMHAIRPARTY? If you weren't there, heres a sneak peek of what happened! From the banner itself, it went for 5 hours straight of some fun and fabulously treat for attendees after taking the personality test. If you would like to find out whats your coffee look, you can give yourself a go by heading over to this link here:‪#‎WhatCoffeeLookAreYou‬

My result.
And each personality has their own blend of coffee.
My result was that i got the Caffeine Explorer Coffee Look where i was surprised with a caramel macchiato! Yummms. I heard alot of people who got 'who cares coffee look' got a really strong expresso which was just way to bitter, and of course, thats what you get when you dont care about your coffee ;) Im thankful to be getting the Caremel macchiato. *loves*

Blogger Bowie getting her scalp checked.
At the party, we had a free scalp check to see how our scalp is doing and also with great hair consultants present, they were nice enough to recommend what kind of shampoo is to be used which would suit your current scalp condition. Since the party was organised by C.Michael, did you also know that they have their own brand of haircare too?

Their variety of scalp care shampoo.
The professional range of C.MICHAEL shampoos.
They even have serums too!

Whats so special about their haircare products would be that they use a special ingredient extracted from apples. We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but now we know that it keeps your hair intact and healthy too! With a wide variety of shampoo to suit your needs, its no wonder that C.Michael is in the Top 10 Spa's and Beauty Services around KL & Bangsar. You can refer to the article posted here :

Beautiful blogger Elana getting her hair done at the event.
From free hairdo's and free makeovers to make sure you're well pampered at the event, all i can say that C.Michael really knows how to create an impact. So thanks C.Michael for having me at the party and also for a salon voucher worth RM50 to get my hair pampered at your salon. Never been there myself, and im looking forward to pay a visit soon.

Cosans yummy desserts. 
What a coffee look party without the coffee? 
Attendees enjoyed amazing coffee to yummy desserts, at the event while browsing for their next shampoo range to be used. PSSST! Im aware that C.Michael usually would throw random parties, so be sure you like their facebook page to keep yourself updated for the next one.

Not to worry as there are more parties to look forward to guys! For more updates on C.Michael, be sure to like their facebook page here: . Thanks for reading.



  1. I got Effortless Chic Coffee Look. I wonder what would I get if I go.
    Although would love a caramel macchiato because thats my ultimate go to coffee! <3

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