Thursday, August 20, 2015

CLEO's Pool Deck Yoga + Aqua Kickboxing at BE

The Invite
So recently i managed to join CLEO's Pool Deck Yoga + Aqua Kickboxing at BE. Thanks to Jean for inviting me to such a relaxing Sunday morning! But whats more important would be that i would like to share to you about a secret hidden hideout with the view of Kuala Lumpur.

The event space.
With our yoga mats ready and theres Carolyn tying her hair up. haha
I decided to spend my Sunday with Carolyn since we haven't seen each other for a while now and what great way to meet by doing Yoga? HAHA. Well, thanks Carolyn for being my date on a Sunday morning. It was definitely a memorable date and also a great workout, right?

The amazing view of KL.
This place has massages and spa packages too!
Since we reached there early, the place was absolutely stunning! Basically we had an amazing view of KL + a really cool infinity pool to get our aqua kickboxing going. The event started off with an introduction from Balraj who was our instructor for Yoga of the day. I was really excited for the yoga classes cause i've always wanted to try out yoga.

Here we have a Cleo representative telling us about the agenda.
Some yoga movements.
Doing the Warrior pose
The Three legged puppy pose.
Finding our balance. Spot me if you can. hehe
The event officially started with a Yoga session where we had to do things that i've never done before. haha. But since most of the attendee's were beginners, we started off with easy amateur yoga. And what you see above, are all baby yoga positions. HAHA. Even though i do ballet, Yoga is nothing similar to it!

How i felt after the Yoga session:
It's a good way to understand your own body and connect to your self inner peace. And not to forget when you have a partner to go with, it builds trust between one another. Will i do yoga again? Its a definite yes!

Competition of doing highest number of Burpees!
One of the highest number of burpee's baby!
And once that was over we had a fun burpee challenge where who does the highest number of burpee's will win an XBody session + a flotation session. If you can see in the results above, they kindda spelled my name with a 'H', and yes, i was one of the finalist. THANK YOU BODY! haha. didn't think i still had stamina in me.

Roxy getting our muscles to work.
Some pretty hard movements to be doing under water.
Next was some intense Aqua Kickboxing with the very fit Roxy as our instructor. And this is also my first time trying out Aqua Kickboxing. But OMG, believe me, the post workout felt like you just lift weights the day before. Which is true, because Aqua Kickboxing wasn't easy as the water is actually resisting your movements. Too bad Carolyn couldn't join me cause she couldn't get into the water due to reasons :( But it was still nice to have you there!

How i felt after the Aqua Kickboxing:
I woke up the next morning, with extreme body aches, the good ones! HAHA. It felt like an effortless workout under the water, but the minute you wake up the next day, you know you burned a lot of calories! If you prefer fun workouts, try Aqua Kickboxing and it does you a favour while you have fun splashing around.

Mandatory group photo.
Here's a photo of me and Carolyn.
At around 12pm everyone adjourned and it was definitely a fun exciting weekend! Thanks again CLEO for treating us at the BE, and also thank you Carolyn for accompanying me too! Till my next visit to the BE :) I can't wait to tell you more about the XBody and Flotation at the BE.

For more information on CLEO, do check out their Official website to keep yourself updated:

For more information on BE Urban Wellness, do check out their Official Website here:

Aliza Sara xx

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