Saturday, August 29, 2015

#MakanMakan Food Hunt at 1 Utama

If you have been up on my Instagram, i might need to apologize for getting your tummies rumbling. But if you haven’t, well, you better be following me to keep yourself updated with things otherwise. HAHA. Well, if youre here to read up on more of my foodhunt adventures of last weekend, you’ve come to the right place! Im sure you know what practically happens at a food hunt, and you guessed it  right, its endless food in a period of time.

Presenting to you team Jio Makan.
We had 4 groups in total, where there were 5 or 6 team members in each group, and I had a really fun group to be in myself! Presenting to you, Simon, Carol, Anis, Nannie and Ruby and we decided to call ourselves the JIOMAKAN team. Haha. So don’t say we bojio you ok?

So basically, each team member was given a #makanmakan Food Hunt Passport and we were required to visit ALL ten of the participating F&B outlets within the 5 hours duration. But I’ll only be including 8 outlets because the other 2 is non-halal, so it wasn’t compulsory for us to be there.  LETS START because I cant wait to tell you where we ate in 1 Utama.

The first outlet we decided to visit.

First stop was The Library Coffee Bar, since most of us starved ourselves for the hunt, and it was definitely a great way to start trying some yummy brunch worthy treats. From a variety of pizza’s to spaghetti and even sandwiches, i  personally loved their pizza which was  great for on the go meals, + its very satisfying for the tummy too.

And what really made this particular coffee bar different was that it actually looks like a mini library. Not many libraries allows food or drink in, but this library would be an exception. A good way to take a break from intense shopping in 1 Utama, where you can just grab a good book and de-stress your mind. Too bad we we’re exactly in the mood to relax, since we had to make our way to our next stop which would be Bisou!

Bisou had a really cute corner of its own too! And the setting is absolutely English yet adorable! Don’t you think the place looks like how you would imagine a cupcake would be? Except that its in a form of a structure instead. HAHA. Well, we decided to ask the manager what is recommended, and she said that a must try would be their Rainbow Cakes, and of course, their cupcakes!

Personally I might not be in the mood to be a sweet tooth during the time, thus everything was slightly wee too sweet for me. But I managed to try their Hot chocolate, and its by far one of the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had in Malaysia. Assuming that it would be sweet like their desserts, but surprisingly it wasn’t. So im pretty much guessing that when you drop by Bisou, you better order a drink and their cakes together. As both their F&B compliments each other.

Once we had our sweet tooth on, next stop was MyeongDong Topokki to get our taste buds up for some hot and spicy. I was really looking forward to this cause Anis was telling me that this taste really good! And please take note that its Korean food, that is Halal! So good news for us Malaysians who some may be concern about the dishes served here.

And once that was done, we decided to have desserts again, since theres an outlet just around the corner from MyeongDong. Whats the closest to Korea?  And you guessed it! We decided to have Japanese desserts at Nana’s Green Tea next. This particular store sells entirely desserts, which I heard was famous for their Green Tea (pretty obvious from the name of the store right). Lol.

If you love green tea, this really taste like authentic strong green tea. I would say that 1 cup would be too much to be enjoyed for 1 person, and it would just right if you’re sharing for two. Perfect for dates! The combination was rather interesting, and its actually my first time trying green tea ice-cream with a mix of other condiments as I don’t exactly think that green tea is as versatile as vanilla, strawberry or chocolate when it comes to the taste of it. But surprisingly, this wasn’t as bad. Personally I loved my green tea ice-cream together with cornflakes which I found while digging through the cup. Things definitely got messy at this point. Haha.

Being almost halfway done, we decided to head over to the Little Fat Duck. Little Fat Duck has a small outlet at one corner of 1 Utama, and the best part would be that they were seriously fast. In less than 10 minutes, you could get yourself a chicken with mash potatoes on the side, and some express pasta too! Perfect for those who are on the go. Personally, Im not much of a fan of dry pasta, but the chicken is a must try. This I would recommend.

Since Moocow was just around the corner, we managed to get ourselves some healthy ice-cream which contains good bacteria to calm the stomach after eating almost more than 3 meals within 2 hours. I must say that Moocow yogurt ice-cream was really favorite! Who knew something healthy could taste so yummy. Yum yum. Even to talk about it now makes me want more. AHHHH.

With 6 outlets covered, we had another 2 more to go! Quiznos was out next destination where we discovered that they serve toasted subs and pizza! With super huge portions ( based on me) , I definitely couldn’t finish it on my own. Because like, its HUGE! Just look at the photos I posted, don’t you think 1 Sub could feed at least 2 people? (Its either that, or I was getting really full after eating the past 4 hours.) HAHA. But I loved their pizza’s, conveniently cut and perfect for sharing.

Last but not least would be Betjeman and Barton, where we could enjoy a cup of tea to celebrate out entire adventure today for the Food Hunt in 1 Utama. Betjeman and Barton gave us a few choices on our tea, and I personally decided to try their  Rooibush Cranberry Acerola Red Tea. Served without sugar, this was already sweet with a slight taste of cranberry, acerola, lemon grass with hints of apple. Very soothing and relaxing aroma too.

With choices of cakes, chocolates and macaroons, how can you really choose when everything looks so presentable? We decided to try everything and boy they were VERY sweet. If you decide to order some desserts, I suggest you decide on just 1 to compliment the taste of the tea too. These desserts acted as a sugar base for my tea while the taste was dancing in my mount. Hehe

As much as we wanted the day to continue, it was so sad to say that the event ended at 4pm where all of the 4 teams had to report back to the starting point to prove that we have covered all 10 locations ( in my case just 8). What are my thoughts of the event? Well, it was definitely a memorable one for sure! I managed to make new friends, and discover new places to eat when I drop by here again the next time. Hehe. I hope after reading my blog post, you have found new places on where to eat in 1 Utama when you are here.

Me and blogger Anis enjoying our cup of tea.
Before I end my post, I would really like to thank 1 Utama for having me, and also for the heartwarming goodie bag, containing vouchers and souvenirs from todays event. It was absolutely a pleasure to be a part of todays food hunt which was organized by the amazing team from 1 Utama. Great job to you guys for a successful event! (:

If you have personal questions which might not have answered your question in my blog, be sure to leave a comment below, and I would love to share what I know. Well, I guess that’s all for now, be sure to keep yourself updated with promotions and surprises from 1 Utama, by following their Facebook page or by checking out their official website!

Thank you for reading, much loves,
Sara xx


  1. Bestnya Food Hunt! Feveret iday Ice cream Mooo tu. Best gila 1 hari boleh makan dan review 8 kedai dalam masa sejam. hahahaha

  2. Shop till you drop and now makan until pengsan! hahahaha...this is what you call eat shop eat eat shop..too bad its during working day.

  3. Love your photos... Gorgeously taken... It was a fabulous event in which we got quite stuffed... Hehehe

  4. Love your photos... Gorgeously taken... It was a fabulous event in which we got quite stuffed... Hehehe

  5. I love food, didn't know 1U so many choices to eat. The day was busy to get kids so can't join the food hunt. Now I am so hungry..

  6. hey dear, u visited all the foods in one day time? 😁

  7. hey dear, u visited all the foods in one day time? 😁

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    Kolin zainal

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