Thursday, August 6, 2015

[REVIEW] Hair Colour Treatment at Daisuke Salon De Coiffure

The entrance to the Salon.
So guess what? Not too sure if you remember when was my last visit in Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, but I made a second visit to get my hair colored for the first time! With such amazing treatment on my first visit, my instincts trust that Daisuke would do a great job to ensure that the outcome is better than perfect!

Before y hair was being treated.
Here i have Roxy, applying some highlight solution on my hair.
And yes, it was pretty much nervous to get my hair colored for the first time, knowing that some people has experienced bad experience with the wrong chemicals which ends up damaging the hair instead. But with specially imported products to ensure that only high quality products are used at Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, it didn’t worry me much.

Happily enjoying my Brown Tea.
Again, with every visit, im always greeted with smiles as I enter the Salon and it really made me felt like I was at home. With Ai at the counter and seeing Wen ever ready to say hello to me, it gave me a really warm welcome feeling. Not to forget the special brown tea served upon my arrival.

Before the session started, Daisuke was very nice to explain to me about the procedure and what will he be doing to my hair. As I didn’t know what color to pick, I decided to trust Daisuke, to decide and finalize on the color of the final outcome. And if youre wondering what color was decided, it was Olive Green, which I was told that it is currently the color trending in Japan at the moment. I was given the option to either bleach or to not bleached my hair, but it was recommended that I shouldn’t bleach it by Daisuke. And this is a note to self to always trust a professional on what they tell you.

45 minute wait for the treatment to work.
First up was that I had Daisuke to determine the roots on my hair and to pick points on where should my highlights be highlighted first. And of course, the highlights was very quickly swiped onto my hair then wrapped in foil to get the solution to work. The duration was roughly a 45-minute wait to fully complete the process which wasn’t that long. Nerveless, I was still offered a magazine to read while waiting by the friendly staff to ensure that I wont get too bored with the waiting time.

They washed off the highlight treatment from my hair.
Daisuke blow drying my hair + hair cut to add layers.
The outcome of the highlights.
After my highlights were done, I had a 15-minute hair wash to remove the solution from my hair followed by hair blow to dry my hair to prepare it for the next procedure, which was to apply the color on my hair.

The cute little ear caps to prevent the colour from touching my ears.
Before applying the color on my hair, I was given these little ear caps to make sure that the color would not touch my ear lobes and to prevent color stains on my skin. Since it was my first time laying my eyes on it, it was really fascinating to find that these things exist.

Roxy adding the colour treatment on my entire head.
Now the color process isn’t the same as the highlights, so my whole hair was literally covered with the colour treatment, which I predicted that it would stink, but surprisingly it didn’t.  I did ask one of the staff to double confirm on where do they get their products from, and with assured confirmation, products are flown all the way from Japan. So from here, it can be said that Daisuke Salon De Coiffure is very exclusive with products that cant be found locally. (So much special treatment!)

This was left to do its magic for around 45 minutes.
The coloring process took roughly 45 minutes to fully blend in my hair and throughout the 45-minute wait, I was constantly checked by the staff who were concern if im hungry since it was around lunch time. Since there was Pappa Rich located just around the corner, Ai, even asked me if I wanted to order a drink or some snacks, while waiting for my hair to be ready. Definitely not an average salon you guys. You can get your hair done and enjoy some sweet desserts from Pappa Rich which would be sent over to your seat at the salon to ease on the waiting time.

Another hair was to wash the treatment off.
And after my hair was ready, there was another washing session to wash the chemicals of the solution off my hair. It was rinsed thoroughly a few time to makes sure that the chemicals are washed off nicely. And of course, with their famous CO2 hair wash at my final rinse, it definitely washed off the icky ammonia scent away.

My diva moment of having Wen and Roxy drying my hair.
Daisuke adding some final touch ups to my curls.
The process ended with a blow dry with curls, which were lovely done by the staffs at the Salon. I thought that the session would take around 4 hours or more, but it was all done within less than 3 hours. It didn’t even felt that long too!

The overall summary on the duration:
1.     Highlights : 45 minutes (application + waiting time)
2.     Wash : 15 minutes
3.     Blow dry: 15 minutes
4.     Color : 45 minutes (application + waiting time)
5.     Wash : 25 minutes (double rinse)
6.     Blow dry : 15 minutes

Total Duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes +-

Before and after shot
What’s my thought on the outcome? I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Thank you so much Daisuke for the amazing artistic work on my hair. I was a little concern on whether if the color would spoil my hair, but as you can see in my photos, it is still shiny and soft even after the coloring session. Ai also gave me a 1 month conditioning treatment to maintain my hair which is to be used once a week.

Instant in-saloon hair treatment. (conditioning treatment)
I've decided to separate the review for this conditioner since it would be too heavy to be included in one post, so you can read all about it in my next post right after this blogpost. :) So if you would like to read more about it, do head on over to my next post pronto after you're done reading on this blog post. Managed to also take some mandatory selfies with the amazing team at Daisuke too! So you better recognise their faces the minute you walk into their salon :D

Heres a photo of me and Ai. (Still love her hair)
And the magic maker, Daisuke, also the big boss of Daisuke Salon De Coiffure.

And not to forget Roxy who was most of the time checking on me.
The final outcome; Olive Brown.
Tadaa, and thats about it folks. I hope my blogpost wasn't too long for you to read. But i truly admire the services at Daisuke Salon De Coiffure. Do drop by when you get the chance to as they would not disappoint you in any services/treatments that you decide to take. Im suppose to plan my next visit soon, but i've been so busy lately with events and of course, travelling. Cant wait for my next visit with my mom soon, as i have promised to bring her there myself one day. A big thank you to Daisuke for the lovely colour treatment and also for the amazing job on my hair. I've been getting tons of compliments on the hair colour thanks to you. *wink

For more updates, do check out their official Facebook page

Well, this is me signing out,
Much love,
Sara xx


  1. Wow nice babe! I didn't notice you dyed your hair!! But yeah better not to bleach your hair if possible. Catch up with you soon :)


    1. Because this was 2 months ago. I guess the colour faded after a while since i didn't bleach my hair. Please do! We need to have a catch up sesh!

  2. You look gorgeous with the new hair colour.

    yoke ching

    1. Aww thanks babe! First time looking at myself with a different hair colour

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  4. I read it, and feel like want to drop by the shop for their exclusive service, omg!!!

    1. You must! If I'm not mistaken, if you mention my name there, you're entitled a 20% discount on your services at the salon :D