Wednesday, August 19, 2015

[REVIEW] NEESYA's Intensive Overnight Radiance Solution System

The Intensive Overnight Radiance Solution System
As far as I know, NEESYA happens to be the first Malaysian skin care that im aware off who has successfully created a major hype through my social networks and media. And if youre wondering why is it called NEESYA, to my surprise, I found out that NEESYA means butterfly in Greek. The butterfly is the essence of freedom, natural beauty with hidden potentials, a representational metaphor of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, which resembles the inner beauty waiting to be revealed. (Mind blown moment)

I believe that every individual deserves to feel beautiful and also in order to be beautiful, you need the best skincare for your skin. If you happen to be Asian, this would be another skincare which I would recommend suitable for the Asian skin, and the Asian weather.

A big big thank you to NEESYA's team for giving me a chance to try the product out myself on my oily combination skin to see how well does it do wonders on my skin. What makes NEESYA special would be that it gives users a chance to naturally illuminate skin with Neesya LumiScience ® Technology and emerge with luminous skin through Neesya’s 360 complete, customized skincare system. Its all about enriching lives with effective, scientific beauty care, made affordable to everyone.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t think the package was that attractive as it looks very clinical, but along with the term ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, this definitely can be applied to Neesya cause the results are way better than which what was expected. And believe me, for the past 1 month of using Neesya, it has made a huge difference to my skin.

Every NEESYA product comes with a hologram sticker
A close up shot of the Hologram sticker.
There are 3 products in the Intensive Overnight Radiance Range, which i will show you how it should be applied to your face. And first up would be the NEESYA's Brightening Enzymatic Refiner, followed by the Illuminating Essence and the Brightening overnight mask. By the way, all of NEESYA's products comes with a hologram sticker which is an effort to protect authentication. Now lets start! 

For Day and Night use.
The texture of NEESYA's Brightening Enzymatic Refiner.
First up, would be to use the Brightening Enzymatic Refiner. Its works as a 3 minute leave-on exfoliator, and at the same time also cleans your deep pores to instantly get brightening results.  Its formulated with papain, and efficiently lifts away lifeless skin cells to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. It also has an Extract of Silver Vine Extract and AlphaMelight which complements the exfoliation process with skin brightening effects, while Pro-Vitamin B and aloe extract restore  hydration to help skin regain its glowing vitality.

Very gentle and doesn't produce much foam.
As said in the instructions, apply a smooth layer over dry skin, covering over the face and neck area. Apply a thicker layer over stubborn dark spots. Massage lightly in a circular motion for about 30 seconds and leave on for another 3 minutes. Use this 1 - 2 times a week for optimum brightening effects. 

The texture is very light and smooth, and when applied to face, only very light foam is produced, which you can refer to in the photo above. Its my first time using a refiner and i find the benefits of using this would be similar to face scrubs. But face scrubs can be a little harsh on the skin, thus if you have sensitive skin, this gently exfoliates your skin. After washing it off, skin is left feeling very moist and cooling. Similar to after wearing a mask for 15 minutes. Don't you think my skin looks more brighter too? hehe

The Illuminating Essence, transparent with a diluted mucus texture.
Next would be applying the Illuminating Essence. What it does basically would be that it visibly boost skin luminosity with LumiScience Technology through a 360 approach, which would result to a more illuminated and even your tone complexion.  Or in other words, it smoothens, brightens and evens skin tone. Silver vine extract helps reduce the protein carbonisation levels and enhances skin translucency. Alpha-Melight helps fight dark spots, soothes and clarifies skin to optimise radiance and luminosity.

Using a cotton pad to apply it to my face. 
I love that the texture isn't like your usual emulation lotion, but it is slightly more dense compared to  liquid. This is to be applied twice daily and you will instantly see glowing radiance on your skin which i definily knew the minute my friends were telling me that my skin has been glowing after only 2 weeks of using NEESYA. Thanks NEESYA! Its perfect for my combination-oily skin which i apply 4 days a week. Very well absorbent and results are almost instant, but because of its unusual texture, it might feel a little sticky once you apply it on your face. 

For Night use.
The Brightening Overnight Mask.
At night, you repeat the usage of the Brightening Enzymatic Refiner, followed by the Illuminating Essence and just before going to sleep, this is the Brightening Overnight Mask which does wonders while you sleep.  What it does is it instantly brightens skin with intensive hydration and also has anti-oxidant protection. Its an intensive overnight treatment mask formulated with Silver Vine Extract and AlphaMelight. This particular mask contains concentrated dose of brightening complex to help diminish skin discolouration, revitalise complexion and restore skin hydration while you sleep

How it looks like once its spread around face.
Like any other mask, you only need to use it once a week. The texture is rather smooth yet sticky but i absolutely love how my skin feels the minute i wake up and wash the mask off. One of the BEST sleeping mask i've ever applied on my face. For people who has a busy schedule like i do, this would be your solution to a more radiant glowing skin! Very convenient and out of the 3 products i mentioned today, this is a MUST HAVE

Before using NEESYA, i had pigmentation and scars.
2 weeks after using NEESYA
And here would be a before and after shot which you can visibly see how bright my face is after using NEESYA for only 2 weeks! Definitely worth every penny spent for instant results. There is no flaws to this amazing product and if you haven't given yourself a go with NEESYA, its about time you should. The results were beyond my expectations and I'm impressed with this local brand which we as Malaysians should be supporting.

Every product comes with a brief introduction of the product and also instructions on how to apply including maintenance treatment. 

Brightening Enzymatic Refiner // RM69, 75ml
Illuminating Essence // RM129, 65ml
Brightening Overnight Mask // RM99, 75ml

The have outlets available at The Mines, SACC Mall, Subang Parade, Sunway Putra Mall and Plaza Metro Kajang which i heard you can request for samples! Don't miss out on this opportunity and do visit their official page for more information: I've also reviewed on NEESYA's Eye and Lip Make up remover, so check it out if you have the time :)

Hoping that you enjoyed my review guys,

Thanks for dropping by,
Aliza Sara xx


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