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[REVIEW] SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set

Containing 5 main products from the SkinShield Range.
If you read about my review on SkinSoul's Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes, which was impressive, even thought it only has 1 simple task to remove make up, lets see how good is the SkinSoul SkinShield next! Again, just in case you forget, SkinSoul is a Malaysian brand which has been internationally known before even opening their very own store here in Malaysia. I was given the opportunity to try their SkinShield range to see how well is works on my skin.

Each bottle has an application direction to make sure you apply it the right way.
Packaging wise, you would have to agree with me that it looks very clinical. But its acceptable. Since i got the travelling set, i love their small bottles which are very convenient to bring around when I'm off to my wanderlust adventures. Also, each bottle has a direction of application to make sure users know how to apply it. Did you know that SkinSoul SkinShield are made of organic active ingredients? Im going to start on a mandatory bare face photo followed by steps of application and of course, the end result.

A photo of my bare face.
Well, my skin type is a combination of dry + oily skin, so i can get very particular with the cleansers i use as it would really have an impact on my face if its not the right product. My lifestyle would be that i LOVE travelling and being outdoors, thus an explanation on why my skin looks tan. HAHA. But i love the fact that SkinSoul Skin Shield has a sun care day cream which i think works the same as sunscreen. I was told that theres a different regime for Day Application and Night Application. So to make it easier for you, I shall explain on the day regime application first followed by the night application :)

Day Time Application

Day Time Products
Day Time SkinSoul Products
+ Hydra-Purifying Cleanser
+ Hydrating, Energizing & Pore-refining lotion
+ 12 in 1, Suncare Day Cream.

Well, during the day time, only these 3 products are to be used. Where i think its pretty simple to understand, where the cleanser works as a cleanser, the lotion as an emulation and the sun care day cream to protect your skin from the sun. Lets start!

The Hydra -Purifying Cleanser
Light foam produced.
The Hydra-Purifying Cleanser has a yellow liquid tone to it and once in contact with skin, its pretty much transparent. I used around 2 pearl sized drops to be scrubbed around my face. And from the photos above, you can see that it produce light foam once its intact with water. It felt very refreshing after washing it off and skin feels hydrated. At the same time, it detoxifies your skin too! Do also take not that the cleanser is only suitable for oily skin.

Hydrating, Energizing & Pore-Redifining Lotion
Leaving a cooling effect on the skin.
Next would be that i applied the Hydrating, energising & Pore-Refining lotion. I used a cotton pad to apply the lotion for hygiene purposes and also for a balance spread along my face. To me it works the same as an emulation to replenish the moisture of the skin.

The 12 in 1 Sun Care Day Cream.
Has a brownish, foundation-like colour.
After spreading the Suncare day cream out.
And what i was looking forward to among the entire range was their 12 in 1 sunscreen cream. So, I'm sure you're wondering why its 12 in 1? Well, because there are 12 benefits of skincare and make up with SPF 50. It definitely left me a radiant glow after application, no?

The 12 benefits are: 

+ Hydrates and protects skin
+ Unifies complexion
+ Brightens up skin
+ Evens out skin tone
+ COnceals and corrects blemishes
+ Fights the sign of ageing
+ Protects skin from UV rays
+ Strengthens skin health
+ Soothes skin irritation
+ Fends off free radicals
+ Stimulates skin rejuvenation
+ Imparts Radiant glow to facial countenance

Night Time Application

Night Time Products
The night time application repeats the usage of the Hydra- Purifying Cleanser and the Hydrating, energising & Pore-Refining lotion. But instead of using the 12 in 1 sun care day cream, I'm using the lift & bright serum followed by the night cream. So after the cleanser and lotion, here's what you need to apply next.

The Lift & Bright Serum.
Loving how it brightens my face.
Here i have the Lift & Bright serum which functions to target ageing by infusing nutrients into the deepest layers of the skin. Active polyphenols and flavonoids in Ashitaba play a role in preventing the progression of cumulative damage. And it works like charm! I think my face looks brighter instantly once its applied. (unless its the lighting making me look bright) haha.

The Night Cream
And last but not least is to apply the night cream. The texture is yellow and goey, which works as a renewal cream that works overnight. This generally helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, refine enlarged pores, correct blemishes and improve damaged skin. So, in my case, i don't think i need as much night cream to be applied. Instead of using it every night, to my preference, I'm using it once a week.

Thank you SkinSoul for giving me the opportunity to try out your products.
And thats about it! I hope my review was detailed enough to understand and my verdict would be that its VERY suitable for asian skin in humid weather. I love how it leaves my skin feeling fresh and it doesnt even leave any irritation feel to my skin. But of course, i've been using it for a week now, and if you want me to do a post-review of how well it works after a month, please be my guest by leaving a comment below, and i'll be glad to show you the results!

Full Sized Products.
When i was at SkinSoul Midvalley, the consultants were nice enough to show me the full sized products for the SkinShield range. For your convenience, here is the price list for the full-priced products. All prices stated below are including 6% GST:

Hydra-Purifying Cleanser // RM210.94
Hydrating, Energizing & Pore-refining Lotion // RM210.94
12 in 1 Suncare Day Cream // RM262.90
Lift & Bright Serum // RM305.28
Night Cream // RM411.28

SkinShield Ashitaba Benefits.
Before i end my post, here are some highlight on this particular skin range. The main ingredient of the entire range would be that they use Ashitaba as their main ingredient. Ashitaba is a perennial plant that has thrived for centuries in the rich volcanic soil of Hachi Jo Island in Japan. The japanese name Ashitaba, literally means "tomorrow's leaf" owning to the miraculous ability of this super plant to regenerate itself when injured.

Also, i have special gift for my readers who are interested in getting your hands on SkinSoul. Just mention my hashtag, #SSALIZA to redeem a complimentary sample set when you purchase above RM100 in a single receipt.

For more information head on over to their official pages:
+ Official Website:
+ Facebook:

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoy my post as much as i enjoy reading it guys! :)

Aliza Sara xx


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