Monday, August 24, 2015

[REVIEW] SkinSoul ; Natural Volume Attack Mascara in Black [To be Updated]

Skin Soul seriously has so much to offer and in this post, I’ll be talking about SkinSoul Essentials Natural Volume Attack Mascara in Black. This mascara isn’t your ordinary mascara, because it doesn’t just add volume to your lashes, but it also treats your lashes to be longer too! How is that possible? Well, here’s why!

One of SkinSoul’s best seller, the SkinSoul Essentials Natural Volume Attack Mascara nourishes, grows, thickens and curls your eyelashes as you use it daily.  With 100% Paraben & prostaglandin free, its definitely safe and contains natural formula that gives you naturally fuller, longer and beautifully curled lashes without any surgery or special care needed!

What makes this mascara different from you ‘ordinary’ mascara would be their secret ingredient of Mulberry Root Extract. Mulberry Root Extract is a natural ingredient derived from the mulberry root bark. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its ability to promote metabolism and stimulate hair growth due to its high level of Vitamin C and antioxidant properties. With this mascara packed with natural mulberry extract, it nourishes and strengthens lashes over time.

Its no wonder that this Mascara is one of their best sellers! Not only that, it also infuses the Lash curling complex which promotes seductively lasting curls. The clump-free and defining applicator brush coats each lash perfectly for a lengthened, thick and lustrous look that enhances your eye’s beauty all day long. Tried it on myself, and yes its definitely CLUMP FREE! Hearts

Not many people are aware that usually the eyelash growth formulas contain harmful chemicals that can cause toxin buildup and even blurred vision. OH NO! And additionally, after some research, harsh habits such as continuous use of lash curlers, fake eyelashes (im guilty for this), lash tinting or extensions hurts the eye area and follicles, eventually leading to eyelash fall and thinner lashes.

With such special features for a mascara, there’s even a special way to apply it to your lashes. Below would be the direction of use:

+ Apply the mascara from the inner corner of your lashes and work outwards,
+ Rotate the wand slightly in each section in order to deposit more mascara on your lashes
+ Position the brush from the inner most area of you lash line and pull outwards and upwards,
+ Repeat this procedure up to 3 times for the most DRAMATIC look.
+ Optional: Apply mascara on the bottom lashes as well to give the appearance of wider and larger eyes.

As you wear the SkinSoul Essentials Natural Volume Attack Mascara, the mulberry extract will reach into the eyelash hair follicles to nourish your lashes from the outside in. The extract has been scientifically proven to be rich in polynutrients and vitamins that rejuvenate hair follicles, promoting hair growth, retains hair colour and prevents hair fall. Did you also know that its antioxidant content also protects hair follicles from free radical damage?

I never knew they were so much considerations to be thought of when picking the right mascara. Been using normal mascara, which clumps occasionally, but this was an exception. Like any mascara, you would instantly see visibly thicker lashes, but the SkinSoul Essentials Natural Volume Attack Mascara is said to result into having longer lashes that stays, with constant application. (At least 4 weeks of use)

Honestly, I personally hate curlers cause its so painful when you clip it at the wrong location. Haha. But this might be the answer to all your solutions to wanting longer lashes. Say good bye to painful curlers and fake lashes, and say hello to SkinSoul Essentials Natural Volume Attack Mascara.


As I’ve been only using it for a week now, I personally see more volume than longer lashes. But fret not, as I will be trying this out for the next 8 weeks to see how it turns out. So yes, this blog post will be updated to update you lovely readers with my end result. So excites!

Well, if you’re tempted to try it out, be sure to make your way to their outlet in Mid Valley and experience it yourself. For more information, do head over to their
Also, i have special gift for my readers who are interested in getting your hands on SkinSoul. Just mention my hashtag, #SSALIZA to redeem a complimentary sample set when you purchase above RM100 in a single receipt.

For more information head on over to their official pages:
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Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoy my post as much as i enjoy reading it guys! :)

Aliza Sara xx


  1. I always wonder how mascara can did such a magic... Maybe next time need to have a try on it.

  2. complimentary gift as your reader! That's great :)I'll use that if I'm buying.

  3. The mascara really good. Can see a big different on your eyes lashes.

  4. I love this product too! Give the nature and long lashes for us. Looks good on you <3

  5. I'm using this and I'm loving it.. Great product! Loving my longer lashes!

  6. That's my fave mascara now actually. Been using it for a month now. Love it.

  7. Awesome! Can't believe it can make our lashes grow longer!! if only they are available in singapore..

  8. nowadays everything is about 'volume' eh, from hair sprays, hair styles, to mascara. The more 'volume' the better :D.. puff it up!

  9. Heard so much about this brand, would really like to try it out too one day for pretty make up :)

  10. i do love this mascara, my fav so far, whether or not it lengthens i still like it for the texture and ease of use.