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Watsons Really SYOK! X MTV World Stage '15

Watsons Really Syok Campaign launch
Watson’s has became even more SYOK lately, and if youre a Watsons VIP Card member, then this is a one time opportunity not to be missed. Watsons Malaysia is proud to present the Watsons Really Syok! Campaign to celebrate  their 5th year anniversary of the Watsons VIP membership.

And if you’re here to find out HOW TO GET AN EXCLUSIVE PASS TO MTV’s WORLD STAGE 2015, well Watsons has the answers for you, and all you need to be qualified to redeem yourself a pass would be a Watsons VIP Card member.

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With tons of reward redemptions and sale will be happening from the 3rd until the 28th of September where the highlight is to reward members to an exclusive pass to the largest outdoor concert in the region, and guessed it, for the MTV’s World Stage 2015! Giving an opportunity to Watsons VIP members a chance to experience live performance from international acts like Jason Derulo, Carly Rae Jepson, Apink from Korea and Sekai No Owari from Japan. Who would really want to miss out on this really?

Danny Hoh and Celebrity friends were present.
We had Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing for Watsons Malaysia, who said “We are extremely excited to partner wit MTV World Stage for the very first time. And the reward is money cant buy experience offering to Watson VIP members as entry to this concert is exclusive. We want to provide our loyal members a really SYOK experience and partying to the likes of international acts would be one experience not to forget. To party in style, Uber will also offer free rides to Watsons VIP members to the concert venue.”

Mime Performance.
The launch started with an interpretation performance from the mime artists who showcase the five rewards redemption in the most creative ways through movements. Gladly entertaining guest and also Caryn Ng, General manager of Trading, Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing and also Jessicca Ng, Digital and consumer experience director.

And to commemorate the launch, I was honored to be one of the first few to watch the official viral video for the Watsons Really Syok! Ad and if you haven’t watched it yet, be sure to check the video out which I have embed the video here for your convenience.

The star if this viral video, Kit Mah, shared his thoughts by saying, “I am glad to be part of Watsons campaign, and shooting the TV commercial and viral video of Watsons Really Syok! was fun especially the interactive part with the 3D animal effect. But the most challenging would have been the part where I had to wear nothing on me so watch out for that scene!”  And believe me, after watching the scene, it definitely left the members of the media a jaw dropping moment. Haha.

We had Watsons celebrity friends, also in attendance including Amber Chia, Reem Shahwa, Hansen Lee, Josiah Mizukami and Serena C who hosted the event. They were more that happy to share their excitement on the Watsons Really Syok! campaign, and I can understand why. Reem Shahwa shared with us that he has a very hectic schedule to juggle and thanks to Watsons, shopping has been so much easier, especially when its available online.

Amber Chia sharing her experiences with Watsons VIP card.
Amber Chia even had a say that she enjoys Watsons VIP Card because of their dining privileges, and since the Syok campaign will be up, she personally is looking forward for the redemption for dining vouchers. Having supportive celebrity friends, its no wonder Watsons is going far in so many ways by prioritizing customer’s satisfaction first.

Photo Credits: Watsons Malaysia.
Each celebrity friend had a particular reward to look forward to where Hansen Lee said he cant wait to be redeeming La Gourmet products and Josiah Mizukami who travels a lot and looking forward to redeem Touch N Go redemptions available for the campaign.

Redeem your points now!
So, if you don’t have a Watsons VIP card yet, I think its about time you get one! And if youre already a member, well good news would be that you can look forward to redeeming rewards which are available in 5 tiers, where redemptions can be made at ALL Watsons stores nationwide.

The 5 Tiers:
500 points  = MTV World Stage 2015 pass
400 points = Watsons online shopping voucher
300 points = LA Gourmet household products
200 points = RM5 Touch N Go reload
100 points = Dining voucher

From 3rd Until 28th September 2015, Watsons Really Syok! Members sale will take place offering 50% discount with more than 500 products made available! With discounts and rewards to shop for your daily needs, im already looking forward to drop by Watsons to see what I can personally save on (:

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Well, save and redeem in many ways when you shop at Watsons Malaysia. For more information on Watsons Really Syok! Campaign, visit or visit their official Facebook page at

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  1. Ida pakai kad watson untuk touch and go, memang banyak point terkumpul. Hehehe

  2. akak nyer kad kat adik akak..dia je la yang tgok entry ni macam syok giler wooo

  3. Ala banyaknya point kene kumpul untuk mtv world stage tuuu. I wanna go there!

  4. 500 points for MTV World Stage is amazing.... out of this world.... should go check it out...